How YOUR Family Can Benefit from Participating in the National School Lunch Program!

image of a chalkboard and school desk with the text, "Why YOUR family should apply for the National School Lunch Program!"

There are important family benefits for those who participate in the Free & Reduced-Price Lunch Program. Please apply for the program now, if you haven’t already done so.

We are very fortunate that, due to provisions by the Federal Government, ALL students are receiving FREE breakfast and lunch for the entire 2020-21 school year. In a traditional school year, families have the option of applying for the National School Lunch Program, often referred to as the Free and Reduced-Price Lunch Program (FRPL).

“Free and Reduced Lunch” still carries with it an unfortunate stigma, and it shouldn’t.  Some families believe the Federal program isn’t meant for them.  However, we wanted to share a few reasons why our GJSD families have absolutely nothing to lose by applying for the FRPL program.  To the contrary – there is, perhaps, plenty to gain.

When our families are eligible for FRPL program, the following can also be accessed:

· Free or reduced-cost AP, SAT, ACT exam fees

· Free or reduced-cost college application fees

· Free or reduced costs for college courses taken in high school

· Discounted home internet service from Spectrum (Click here for details

We want our GJSD families to know that their privacy is respected.  We can assure them that participation in the FRPL program is confidential.  As normal, the point of sale system in our cafeterias is set up in a way where no one knows who is paying full price, and who is receiving financial assistance.

Also important to know is that our full participation in the FRPL program also benefits the district because it helps to accurately report the demographic makeup of our community. The amount of state aid the district receives each year is based in part on how many students qualify for the FRPL benefit. In addition, the district can receive state and federal grants based on this information.

Please help us make sure that your needs are met and that the GJSD is properly funded through adequately represented FRPL application counts — whether or not you believe your family qualifies.

Please fill out the FRPL program application, which can be found on this website (under “Food Services”). The application must be filled out each year – including THIS year, despite all children receiving free breakfast and lunch.

Click HERE for the application.

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