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Pleasant Ave.

Vintage Day at PA

Vintage Day at PA

Pleasant Avenue students and staff celebrated Vintage Day (100 plus) on April 18, enjoying activities that included some of the 100th Day activities missed due to a February snow day, like completing 100 AR Tests and counting 100 objects, and even dressing in “vintage” clothing.

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Easter Bunny Parade

Easter Bunny Parade

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Evening for Education May 21

Evening for Education May 21

Evening for Education
Sponsored by JTA

drawing of a bus in front of a school building

Join us!

May 21st  5-7 PM
JHS Lobby and Media Center



cartoon of kids conducting science experimentPresenting:

Samples of students’ work from all grades

Science Fair Projects Presented by NGSS PLC



ice cream cone

Free ice cream cones! Scooped by your teachers!

A chance to win gift baskets and gift certificates!

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Celebrating McLiteracy Night

Celebrating McLiteracy Night

Fun was had by all at Pleasant Avenue’s McLiteracy Night on April 10! Families purchased BOGO books at our Scholastic Book Fair, read Accelerated Reader books and took tests for points. Amelia Geiger won an AR book in our raffle as well! Students have less than 500 points to go to reach our 2500 point school-wide goal!

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Johnstown Elementary PTA Officer Nominations

The following positions are open for the 2019-2020 school year. We will vote at the May 1st PTA meeting, which will be held at Warren Street School at 6p.m.

  • President – Plan and preside over all meetings, develop the agenda, encourage the planning of new activities and ideas, and communicate with our regional PTA representative.
  • 3 Vice Presidents (Pleasant Ave, Glebe, Warren St) – Perform duties of the President in their absence, check PTA mailbox weekly and let appropriate person know they have items, sign checks, find volunteers for PTA events in your school (i.e. Meet the Principal Night, Picture Day, Open House, Fundraisers)
  • Treasurer – Keep an accurate account of receipts/expenditures, pay bills as adopted by the budget, give treasurer’s report at the PTA meeting, pay state & national PTA dues and insurance, sign checks.
  • Recording Secretary – Record meeting minutes, communicate with the district for website submissions within one week; provide paper minutes if asked, take attendance.
  • 3 Representatives (Pleasant Ave, Glebe St, Warren St) – attend monthly meetings, on-line membership for your corresponding school.

If you wish to nominate yourself or someone else, please submit the bottom of this form to the nominations committee by April 18th and please include a contact number (if known), and the student(s) name(s) for the candidate. (Nominations should be sent to the main office at each school to be placed in the JEPTA mailbox).

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Seeking Transportation Day Presenters

Pleasant Avenue School will be having a transportation day on Friday, June 7th.  We are seeking volunteers to show their personal or job related vehicles for students to view. Types of vehicles would include stock cars, boats, RV’s, or just about anything with wheels!

The time to showcase vehicles will be from 9:30AM-2:30PM. To express our gratitude, our volunteers will receive a lunch break, with lunch provided to them. If you are willing, or know of someone who would be willing to volunteer, please fill out this form and return it to your child’s teacher by April 15th.

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Lab Day Collaboration

Lab Day Collaboration

On Friday, March 29, several of Mr. Litz’s high school science students visited Pleasant Avenue to help kindergarten and first grade students to make oobleck, ice cream and play dough.

The children were excited to engage in a hands-on activity that allowed them to see how sugar, vanilla and milk reacted with ice and hardened to make ice cream. Of course they always love making oobleck and play dough!

Funding for lab day was donated by Ted and Judy Meher, Becky Polidore, and the science department. Many thanks to these individuals, and to Mr. Litz and the science students!

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Eleven More Earn Rocket Ship Backpacks!

Eleven More Earn Rocket Ship Backpacks!

This month Pleasant Avenue students earned over 700 AR points! Eleven students earned the top level of AR points and received their rocket ship backpacks!

students stand in front of stage holding certificates

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Pleasant Ave. Newsletter April 2019

In addition to the content shared below, a PDF version of the April 2019 Pleasant Newsletter is available for printing using the free Adobe Acrobat program.

Principal’s Corner

Dear Families,

Spring is in the air.

We are currently at 1981 AR test points towards our 2500 goal for the AR Carnival in June. Keep reading with your child and remind them to take the AR tests at school. On Wednesday mornings between 8:30 and 8:50 AM students can take AR tests with the parent volunteers. Students should bring in the AR book that they will be testing on.

April 8 – 12 is our book fair. During the Spring it’s  BOGO, so please be sure to stop by the book fair with your child.

We will be celebrating Vintage Day (due to a snow day on the 100th day) on 4/18/19. Accelerated Readers are aging 100 years and reading 100 books. Pleasant Ave readers can dress like a 100 year old while we try to read and complete 100 AR tests.

The TANG museum will be visiting our school April 29-May 1. Each class will have the opportunity to do hands on activities with visiting artists.

Report cards will be distributed on April 18, 2019.


Corinne Cotter
Pleasant Avenue Principal

Box Top Winners

February – Total: 540!
Connor Stewart , Ashley Bellinger, Alivia Valik, Megan Feehan-Melious, and Sean Savaria

Book Fair Schedule

*Spring is BOGO!!*

  • Monday— 3:15—4 pm
  • Tuesday— 8:15—9:30 am
  • Wednesday— 5:30—7 pm
  • Thursday— 3:15—4 pm
  • Friday— 8:15—9:30 am


  • If your phone number has recently changed, please update      Mrs. Bradt in the main office (518) 762-8610.
  • Keep sending  Box Tops to support our school!

Three for Me Winners for March

Eleanor Casler, Yolanda Chen, Cameron Himpsl, Javier Figueroa, Mary-Kate Viscosi, Erik Christman, Lucas Stumpf, Autumn Hugel, Logan Bombard, Mackenzie Shibley, Alivia Valik, Megin Melious, Lilly Youker, and Vera Koehler.

Artist of the Month

The artist of the month wNolan Dresser.

AR Book Raffle Winner

The winner for the AR book from the raffle at AR night was Jaidyn Risley.

Candy Guessing Game Winners

The winners of the candy guessing game were Madison Kortz and Zenon Blanc.

April Calendar

  • April 1 – Morning Program
  • April 3 – JEPTA @ Glebe, 6pm
  • April 8 – Book Fair
  • April 9 – Book Fair
  • April 10 – Book Fair
    • AR McLiteracy Night, 5:30 – 7 p.m.
  • April 11 – Book Fair
  • April 12 – Book Fair
  • April 18 – Report Cards Home
    • Vintage Day
    • Half Day – Dismissal at 11:45 a.m.
  • April 19 – 26 – NO SCHOOL, Spring Break
  • April 29 – TANG Museum
  • April 30 – TANG Museum

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Invitation to First Grade Parents/Guardians

Invitation to First Grade Parents/Guardians

cartoon drawing of kids

The Glebe Leadership Team (GLT) invites first grade parents and guardians to join us for our last GLT meeting for the school year on May 30th at 3:45 p.m. (Glebe Library)

The Glebe Leadership Team plans the enrichment, literacy, and parent outreach opportunities and events at Glebe Street Elementary School.

The GLT meets monthly at 3:30 p.m. Parents are welcome to attend anytime! We are looking forward to adding new members to our team and are excited for a great school year.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our team but cannot make the meeting, contact Mrs. North at so you can be added to the email list to receive minutes.

We look forward to seeing you!

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