Gonzales, Hale, and Thiessen Named ABCD Award Winners

Three men and two women pose holding certificates

Left to Right: Superintendent of Schools, Dr. William Crankshaw, Miss Alex Thiessen, Mrs. Amy Hale, Mr. Jose Gonzales, BOE President Mr. David D’Amore at Monday evening’s Board of Education Meeting (11/20).


The ABCD Award was born from the Board of Education’s desire to acknowledge those employees of the Greater Johnstown School District who are nominated by school community members because they  go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty to make a difference in the lives of our students and help them succeed. The Board and District Administration are pleased to recognize three outstanding ABCD Award winners, who were recognized at a Board of Education meeting Monday evening (11/20/23):

JOSE GONZALEZ is employed through the HFM Regional Transportation Service as a bus driver and is assigned to routes in the Greater Johnstown School District, where families depend upon him to keep their children safe as he delivers them to and from school on a daily basis. This is a role of undeniable importance, as Jose’s work involves creating and maintaining a respectful, welcoming and safe environment while negotiating the bus route, taking into account traffic flow, changing weather patterns, and children who vary in age, culture, experience and personal circumstances. The Greater Johnstown School District thanks Mr. Gonzalez for committing to this monumental task and for  going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty to cheerfully, reliably and safely transport Johnstown students before and after school every day.

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Mr. Jose Gonzales


MRS. AMY HALE  is a second grade teacher at Warren Street Elementary School who takes the time to recognize the dignity and worth of each student in her classroom, nurturing them, acknowledging their individual achievements, and instilling a sense of pride as they progress. Recently, the District was contacted by a Johnstown family impacted by childhood cancer, who expressed appreciation for the kindness, compassion and empathy Amy has shared with them, knowing that she has walked a similar path. The family also expressed appreciation for her assistance and support for their child’s desire to develop a special “Gold Day” at school in order to  bring awareness to childhood cancer. The Greater Johnstown School District thanks Mrs. Hale for going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty to foster inspiration, tenacity and hope among Johnstown students and families.     

a woman wearling a paisley dress stands in front of a purple bulletin board

Mrs. Amy Hale


MISS ALEX THIESSEN  is a prekindergarten teacher at Pleasant Avenue who demonstrates patience and compassion for her students, taking the time to notice not only their academic needs, but also their social needs.  Miss Thiessen will often message parents to let them know if their child has a rough day at school and offers to help in any way she can.  She attends extracurricular activities outside of the normal school day to give children a  boost of confidence, and she is known for providing books that students can keep as their own to read with their families.  She genuinely wants to help students reach their full potential. The Greater Johnstown School District thanks Miss Thiessen for going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty in caring for each and every Johnstown student in her charge.

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Miss Alex Thiessen

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