Founders Day Award Winners 2020

Congratulations to our 2020 Founder’s Day award winners:

  • Scott & Amy Hale, recipients of the City-Wide Award for distinguishing one’s self in service to the Johnstown Community
  • Olivia Barnett & Jessica Holt , recipients of the Mishael Boyer Award for helping to raise self-esteem among the youth of the Johnstown community

In addition, the following individuals are being honored with Founder’s Day Building Awards, for unselfishly giving their time and energy to the children of our schools, above and beyond what is expected:

  • Mark Ralbovsky, JHS
  • Alex Smolinsky, JHS
  • Robert Kraemer, Knox
  • Christina Laird, Knox
  • Caroline Wagner, Warren
  • Kirsten Hall, Warren
  • Sue Simek, Glebe
  • Melissa Cornell, Glebe
  • Rachel Harrington, Pleasant
  • Cassandra Kelso, Pleasant

Thank you also to JEPTA, Knox PTSA and JHS PTA, for their continued generosity, dedication and commitment to the students of the Greater Johnstown School District.

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