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Odyssey of the Mind 2018-19

Odyssey of the Mind 2018-19

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What is Odyssey of the Mind?

  • A fun extracurricular enrichment program where students use creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving skills
  • Students work in teams of 5 – 7 members to create a solution to a chosen problem, which is performed at competition
  • Although there is an adult coach, the program is totally student driven
  • Students build 21st century skills that they can use in the real world
  • Teams usually meet at least once a week (starting later in October), possibly more often when closer to competition in March

Who we are looking for:

  • Johnstown students in 2nd – 12th grades (from Glebe, Warren, Knox & JHS)
  • Students who are willing to MAKE A COMMITMENT to a group and stick with it, attending team practices when scheduled
  • Students who are willing to use PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS and don’t need an adult to always tell them what to do’
  • Students who enjoy a challenge and want to have fun
  • Students who like to be creative
  • Parent volunteers who are willing to help out/coach a team (the number of teams we are able to form depends on how many parents step forward)

What to do if you want to join:

  • Fill out attached sign up sheet and return to your school NO LATER than Friday, September 28th.
  • Attend our required kick-off meeting, with a parent, at Warren Street School on Tuesday, October 23rd (6-7:30pm).  Learn more about the program, get to know your team, and schedule meeting times with your coach.
  • This year we will be ordering team shirts much earlier in the school year.  All Odyssey members will need to purchase a t-shirt for $10 each.  More info will follow at our kick-off meeting.

If you have questions, contact Mrs. Kristin Meashaw (Program Coordinator and Warren Street Teacher) at

Mark Your Calendars:

  • Odyssey Kick-Off Night – October 23rd – 6-7:30pm – Warren Cafeteria
  • McDonald’s Night Fundraiser – November 6th – 5-7pm (20% of all sales go to the Odyssey program)
  • Spontaneous Night – January 8th – 6-7:30pm @ Warren Street / snow date January 10th (for Warren, Knox, and HS students only)
  • Spontaneous Workshop – January 16th – 3:30-5pm @ Glebe Street / snow date January 17th (for Glebe students only)
  • Dress Rehearsal – March 5 & 7 – Warren Street Gym @ 5-7:30pm
  • Regional Competition – March 9th (all day) @ Fonda Fultonville School
  • End of Year Celebration – March 18th – 6-7pm – Warren Cafeteria

**If your team finishes in 1st place at Regional Competition or wins one of the “wild card” spots, you will be advancing to the NY State Tournament on March 23rd in Binghamton!!!!!

Ways to Keep Up-To-Date:

  • New Facebook Group – Search Johnstown Odyssey of the Mind
  • Open to PARENTS of students in Odyssey of the Mind.  Great place for updates, reminders, and sharing pictures. This is a closed group and you will need to join if interested.
  • Remind App – From a smartphone enter this number: 81010, then text this message: @3e4da3
    Group is called Odyssey Families 2018-19. Open to parents for short little text reminders and updates.

*Students don’t always get their paper flyers home, so it is strongly recommended you join at least one of these groups. Many Odyssey events are also posted on the school website.


Have questions? – Contact Mrs. Meashaw (

2018-19 Long-Term Problem Synopses*

Tentative as of April 28, 2018. All problems have an 8-minute time limit.

Problem 1: OMER to the Rescue Again

Divisions I, II & III

Who better to help those in distress than OMER? In this problem, OMER and his trusty Sidekick travel to different places with suitcases holding all of the parts of an OMER-mobile vehicle! OMER and his Sidekick will assemble and ride on the vehicle where it will function in different ways to “save the day.” Between attempts, the vehicle will be disassembled, put back into the suitcases, and taken to a different area where it will be reassembled and driven again. Finally, the OMER-mobile is thrown a hero’s parade as a show of appreciation!

Problem 2: Hide in Plain Sight

Divisions I, II, III & IV

Teams take a cue from nature in this problem where they create and build a team-made mechanical creature that hides in plain sight. The creature will change its appearance three times to avoid being detected by a Searcher Character trying to find it. The way the creature changes will be different each time! The team will create and present a performance where its creature gets into – or out of – various situations using this resourceful skill. In the end the creature will surprise everyone by changing its appearance a final time and reveal its true self.

Problem 3: Classics… Leonardo’s Workshop

Divisions I, II, III & IV

Imagine how inspiring Leonardo DaVinci’s (LDV) workshop must have been. Teams will portray his workplace in an original, creative performance that includes LDV, a patron, and a naysayer. The team will recreate a DaVinci painting, make a three-dimensional representation of one of his works, and recreate another LDV work in any form the team wishes. There will also be an original “debunked” creation that LDV “invented” but discarded because it was mocked. Ironically, the item will be shown as something commonly used in modern times.

Problem 4: Structure Toss

Divisions I, II, III & IV

Step right up and put your structure to the test! Teams must strategize risk for points and “toss” their structures in this year’s problem-turned-carnival. They will use a device to propel the structure in a carnival game. If it travels in the air it gets higher score! Once the structure has been successfully tossed, it can be tested for strength. A carnival barker character will entice other characters to join the fun during a performance that incorporates testing the structure’s strength with creative games of skill and chance.

Problem 5: Opposites Distract

Divisions I, II, III & IV

Disagreements can distract groups from seeing the bigger picture. Teams will create and present a humorous performance about a sneaky character that distracts others while trying to take control of anything the team wishes. In the performance it will lure others into silly arguments and be successful two times. The arguments will be presented using different dramatic styles and will include attention-getting effects. In the end, the groups will learn that they have been intentionally distracted and will catch the sneaky character before it takes control.

Primary: Museum Makers

Grades K-2

Kids can see the extraordinary in the ordinary. Now they will use that ability to create their own museum! The team will create and present an original museum and its exhibits. During the performance, the team will reveal three creative displays that explain the theme of the museum and show off team-made items. A tour guide will take audiences on a journey through the museum to meet a humorous artist and a curator.

All problems copyright Creative Competitions, Inc. — 2018

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Open House Thursday, September 27


We are so excited to see you at Open House on Thursday, September 27th from 6-7 p.m.

*First Choice Financial Federal Credit Union will have a table set up if you would like to open a student saver account for  your child. School banking days are Tuesdays. You will just need to bring your child’s  SS card or a copy of the card to open the account*

*Don’t forget to join the PTA! You can join at Open House as well. Even if you do not  have time to give or want to attend meetings- your membership $ goes a long way to help our  kids*

*It’s going  to be a great year at Glebe*

*Please see  your child’s teacher, Mrs. Simek, Mrs. Ruggeri, or Mrs. North regarding any concerns you may have*

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Reminder: Tuesday Banking Days at Glebe

Tuesdays are Savings Day at Glebe!

*You must have an account with First Choice Financial Federal Credit Union, or need to open one in order to make a deposit*

*For all new student saver accounts opened by 10/13, the Credit Union will put $5 in your child’s account!

For more information, see our website!


Call Mrs. North (518) 762-3714

*pennies, nickels, and dimes will add up to dollars in no time*

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Reminder: Glebe AR Night October 17

Reminder: Glebe AR Night October 17

Glebe's Major League Readers Hit Reading Out of the Park! With image of player batting a book out of stadium towards the clouds

Glebe will host its first monthly reading night of the year on Wednesday, October 17, in the school library. Come with family or a friend to read and take AR quizzes from 6 – 7 p.m.!

Visit Glebe’s Accelerated Reader page to learn about second and third grade point levels & prizes for 2018-19 school year!

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Glebe Newsletter September 2018

In addition to the content shared below, a PDF version of the September 2018 Glebe Newsletter is available for printing using the free Adobe Acrobat program.

Dear Families,

I hope you had a wonderful summer with family, friends, and happy memories! It is great to finally have the students back in school.  We are so fortunate to have great teachers and staff members, wonderful families, and awesome students here at Glebe. Each month I will send a newsletter and calendar in order to inform you of events happening here at Glebe, celebrations, our successes, and our progress toward our building goals. Our newsletter can be viewed online at You can also follow us on Twitter, @GlebePrincipal.

This year, the elementary schools will operate on an A-F day schedule. You may have noticed this in your child’s folder on the first day. September 5th is an “A” day, September 6th is a “B” day, etc. This calendar takes into account all planned vacations, holidays, and days off from school. When there is a day off (other than a snow day) we do not skip the day, thus students do not miss the instruction or specials (i.e. PE, Art, Music) planned for that day. If we have a snow day we DO skip the day. Your child’s teacher will be communicating with you in regards to which days your child has PE (A, B, C, D, E, or F) so they can be prepared with sneakers.

The number one thing you can do as a parent to help your child succeed is READ! We will be offering monthly Accelerated Reading nights where students and families can come to the library and read together. Students will also be able to take AR quizzes. Our first Accelerated Reader Night will be October 17th from 6-7 p.m.

Just a reminder, instruction begins each morning at 9 a.m. It is very important that your child is on time, attends school daily, is well rested, and has a positive attitude! These things will contribute to your child’s success this school year. Breakfast will be served at 8:25. At 8:45 students are able to go to their classrooms. Please remember, if your child needs to be out or is home sick – you must call our office by 9 a.m. to let us know. If you would like to request homework for a sick child, requests will be taken until 10 a.m. and homework will be available in the main office after 3:30 p.m. Parents are required to provide a WRITTEN excuse, signed by a parent or guardian when a student is absent, tardy, or leaving school early. This is a New York State Education Law. Blue excuse forms were provided in the purple folder yesterday.

A new school year is a great time to become involved! Take the opportunity to attend as many school events as you can with your child, join the Johnstown Elementary PTA, or ask how you can get involved. Glebe’s Leadership Team (GLT) meets monthly to plan the literacy, enrichment, and parent outreach events for the school. If you would like to get involved, our first meeting is September 20th at 3:30 p.m. If you cannot make the meeting but would like to be involved, please email me at

If you ever have a question or concern, please do not hesitate to call or email your child’s teacher or myself. Working collaboratively, we can help assure the school year ahead is enjoyable and successful! Welcome back and we’ll see you at Open House on September 27th from 6-7 p.m.

Mrs. Abbey North, Principal

Glebe Family Handbook

During the first few days of school I will be visiting each classroom to welcome students, remind students of our “SOAR for FOUR” expectations (Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Ready to Learn, and Be Safe) while in the cafeteria, outside, the halls, and their classroom. Your child should have received a Glebe Family Handbook. A group of dedicated committee members assisted with the creation of the handbook. It outlines important dates, contact information, procedures, etc. that will make our school a safe, wonderful place for students to learn and play. Please take a moment to review the handbook with your child and return the Signature of Understanding page near the back of the handbook to your child’s teacher acknowledging your review of the handbook with your child.

Transportation, Arrival, and Dismissal Reminders

If you need to change your child’s dismissal information, you will need to call Mrs. Simek or myself in the main office at 518-762-3714. If you are requesting a change for the shuttle bus or traditional transportation, you will also need to fill out a change of transportation form (found on the website or in the main office) and notify the transportation department at 518-775-5788. If your child will not be taking the bus or you will be picking him or her up, please call the office at 518-762-3714. Please make every effort to make changes by 1 p.m. Changes will not be made after 1 p.m. unless it is an emergency. Our number one priority is to get all students dismissed safely and making last minute changes compromises this. Please do not come to the office to sign out your child at 3 p.m. if you have not sent in a note.

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Glebe Dismissal Procedure 2018-19

All you need to know about Glebe’s Dismissal!
Here’s to a safe 2018-2019!

  • Please keep in mind that each school has different dismissal
    procedures because the busses and shuttles travel to each
    school at different times. For example, at Glebe, the busses and
    shuttles need to leave by 3:15 to get to PA and Warren. Therefore,
    bus and shuttle students are dismissed first at 3:10 p.m. at Glebe.
  • Walkers and students getting picked up are dismissed at 3:15. You
    will hear the announcement outside. The third graders will be
    dismissed from the front main doors and the second graders will
    be dismissed from the side parking lot door. You WILL need to get
    out of your car and come to the door. Pick up is not drive-thru.
    Pick up students are matched at the door. If there is a custody
    situation and you would like your child signed out each day from
    the office, please contact Mrs. North as soon as possible at
  • If you need to pick your child up before 3:15 p.m., you will need to
    send a note and sign them out early from the vestibule window.
    For the safety of all students, please do NOT come to the door,
    ring the bell, and ask to sign out your child after we have already
    started dismissal procedures. At this point, supervisors are in
    place, students are in dismissal lines, etc.
  • If you need to make a change to your child’s dismissal, please call
    the office at 518-762-3714 or send in a note. Please make all
    dismissal changes BEFORE 1 p.m. If you do NOT send in a note or if
    you make a change after 1 p.m., you will need to come inside and
    sign your child out from the vestibule window.

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School Supplies 2018-19

Don’t wait until September, shop at your leisure during summer sales for these school supplies for 2018-19:

Pleasant Avenue

Glebe Street

Warren Street

Knox Junior High

Johnstown High School



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School Banking Coming to Glebe Fall 2018

School Banking is Coming to Glebe
Street Elementary School Fall 2018!

This year, we plan to offer a “School Savings Star Program” with First Choice Financial Federal Credit Union.

Students will receive an informational letter during the first week of school. More information will be shared at Morning Program on September 13th at 9:15 a.m. Our first banking day is Tuesday, September 17th!

Saving pennies, nickles, and dimes will add up to dollars in no time!

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Transportation Paperwork Deadline Aug. 17

Parents and guardians are reminded to submit any requests for changes in student pick-up or drop-off locations no later than August 17, 2018. Changes made after August 17 will not take effect until September 17! 

Call the HFM BOCES Regional Transportation Office at 518-775-5788 to confirm or make a change. Please notify your school office too!

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Glebe September 2018 Calendar

Be sure to mark your calendars so you don’t miss out on any of the following upcoming events:

September 3: Labor Day, No School
September 4: Superintendent’s Conference Day, No School for Students
September 5: Welcome Back! First Day of School!
September 6: Welcome Back Assembly, 10 a.m.
September 10: Color Run Packets Go Home!
September 12: JEPTA Meeting, 6 p.m.
September 13: Morning Program, 9:10 a.m. – National Positive Thinking Day
September 17: Library Book Exchange Begins this Week!
September 20: GLT Meeting, 3:30 p.m.
September 27: Glebe Open House, 6 – 7 p.m.

Printable version of the Glebe September Calendar

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