Barnett, Greco and Meashaw named ABCD Award winners

The ABCD Award was created as a way for the Board of Education to acknowledge employees of the Greater Johnstown School District who are nominated by school community members because they  go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty to make a difference in the lives of our students and help them succeed. The Board and District administration recognized three outstanding ABCD Award winners at Thursday’s board meeting on June 15.

three adults hold up certificates in an auditorium

GJSD BOE President David D’Amore, kindergarten teacher Olivia Barnett, AIS teacher Kristin Meashaw, Jr.-Sr. HS English teacher Matt Greco, Superintendent of Schools Dr. William Crankshaw.


a woman wearing a blue and black shirt with black pants stands in the doorway of a classroomOLIVIA BARNETT is a kindergarten teacher at Pleasant Avenue Elementary who welcomes children with open arms and a smile that’s contagious. She is kind and nurturing, and provides patience, structure, love, and support for the children in her classroom, giving them a sense of comfort and safety, and allowing them to grow. Her communication with families is top tier, and the empathy and reassurance she provides for parents is said to be immeasurable. Mrs. Barnett goes Above and Beyond the Call of Duty to provide children with an exceptional and positive educational experience in their formative years.

a man with dark hair and facial hair wearing a grey shirt and pants stands outside in front of a purple wallMATT GRECO is an English teacher at Johnstown Jr-Sr High School, who relates to the students on their level and makes learning fun. He provides a listening ear for students who need to talk, and makes it known that his door is always open. He inspires a level of comfort and trust that allows students to open up and speak with him when they might not talk to others. He supports his students not just in class, but by attending extracurricular events such as concerts during Music in Our Schools Month and offering encouragement wherever it is needed. Mr. Greco goes Above and Beyond the Call of Duty to see the potential in all of his students and inspires them to do well.


a woman with curly hair stands in front of a book shelfKRISTIN MEASHAW is an AIS teacher at Warren Street Elementary, where she makes it a priority to get to know all of her students and creates a fun learning environment. She is currently working with third and fourth grade students on a six step curriculum to enhance reading and writing skills. Kristin is also involved in the attendance initiative, organizing and planning activities associated with encouraging and improving the attendance of students. Beyond that, Kristin is also the advisor for the District’s Odyssey of the Mind program, a very successful program that requires lots of coordination, time and involvement and which has grown tremendously due to her hard work. Mrs. Meashaw’s amazing enthusiasm and dedication truly go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.


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