Warren Street students create a “Ripple Effect of Kindness”

a maze of cereal boxes is set up in a gymnasium

Warren Street students in grades 3-6 found a really creative and fun way to illustrate the Ripple Effect of Kindness last week. Using hundreds of cereal boxes that were donated by GJSD families, students created a winding maze of boxes throughout the gymnasium. Our award-winning Odyssey of the Mind team helped create a Rube Goldberg-type contraption to start the domino chain reaction. Warren Street Principal Bob Kraemer served as the honorary starter, first climbing up a net to drop a marble into a pipe, which knocked over the very first box of cereal. Two minutes later, every cereal box felt “the ripple!” After the event, the cereal boxes were all donated to local food pantries.

Check out the two-minute video here:

(Make sure to watch until the end to see Mr. Kraemer get a cupcake to the face!)


students are in a gymnasium for an assembly to watch a maze of cereal boxes knock each other over

students are in a gymnasium for an assembly

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