Warren Street Elementary Announces PAX Leaders for October and November

Congratulations to our Warren Street Elementary PAX Leaders of the Month for both October AND November! 

PAX program stands for Peace, Productivity, Health, and Happiness at school. Students in each classroom at Warren St. who exemplify these characteristics are chosen by their teachers as “PAX Leaders of the Month.”  PAX Leaders receive a certificate and a picture with the principal, and are invited to attend a party during the school year to celebrate their accomplishments, as well as an end of the year celebration dance party.


3rd grade: Zoey Engel, Skylar Bassett,  Ella Lewis, Cataleya Page and Lorenzo Rocco. 

4th grade: Freya Pertell, Ashley Bellinger, Riley Francisco, Paige Haak, Taylor Fennessey and Henry Tomchik.

5th grade: Emma Wheeler, Andrew Murray, Amelia Geiger, Raelynn Moholland and Hope LoDestro.

6th grade: Nora Johnson, Juliana Houle, Stephanie Singer, Austin Casale, Tyler Sweet, Sophia Cozzolino and Blake Coco.

a group of elementary students pose with an adult in a gymnasium

October PAX Leaders pose with Warren Street Elementary Principal, Bob Kraemer.



3rd grade: Kennedy Nellis, Harlan Heroth, Jae’Lyn Smalls, Brayden Waufle, and Matthew Meacham, Jr.

4th grade: Cooper Klingbeil, Camden Sanders, Levi Sweet, Charlie Sinner, Brynn Hartwig, and Annabeth Tubbs.

5th grade: Kaison Warner, Shiza Patel, Cameron McCumber, Connor Pechtel, and Megin Feehan-Melious

6th grade:  Lila Malatino, Liam Phillips, Mick Kraemer, Mia Iorio, Andrew Valachovic, Beth Solar, and Amelia Nellis.

students hold certificates and stand in front of a brick wall next to their principal

3rd Grade – November PAX Leaders

students stand in front of a brick wall holding certificates

4th Grade – November PAX Leaders

students pose in front of a brick wall holding certificates and standing next to their principal

5th Grade – November PAX Leaders

students pose next to their principal with certificates that they won

6th Grade – November PAX Leaders

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