PE students at Warren Street get into the groove with cardio drumming unit

a group of students in a gymnasium participate in cardio drumming

Students at Warren Street Elementary are enjoying the cardio drumming unit in physical education class right now. Students follow along to choreographed videos, with popular music to help them get into the groove and move to a beat.

a young girl wearing a facemask bends down to hit an exercise ball with drumsticks  a boy in a gymnasium hits an exercise ball with drumsticks

Each student uses drumsticks on an exercise ball, that is stationed on top of a bucket. Home Depot graciously donated buckets to be used for the unit last year. Cardio drumming provides a fun way for students to get their heart rate up, improve coordination and ability to focus, while strengthening different muscle groups, including the core.

students participate in cardio drumming inside a gymnasium

a girl wearing a facemask in a gymnasium participates in cardio drumming  a young boy wearing a facemask participates in cardio drumming

Check out video of our students drumming on the district’s Facebook page (listed as Greater Johnstown School District – NY) and Twitter account (@JohnstownSD).

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