End of Mask Mandate Wednesday, March 2

February 27, 2022 

Dear Families, 

Please forgive so many communications in one weekend – they can certainly grow tiresome, I’m sure. 

This afternoon, I’m writing to inform you that Governor Hochul made a significant announcement that the statewide mask mandate requirement in schools will be lifted on Wednesday, March 2. 

Beginning Wednesday, March 2, students, school staff and visitors will no longer be required to wear face coverings or masks in any of our District’s school buildings or on our school buses. 

Please know that if one chooses to continue to wear a mask they may do so with the full support of the District, however, mask wearing will be optional. 

The District will continue to comply with local county health officials as health and safety protocols evolve, and if there are changes we will communicate with you in a timely fashion. 

Thank you for your patience, continued support and partnership with the District as we move into a most welcomed time of normalcy, little by little. 

We look forward to tremendous success for our students as we continue to focus intently on academic matters and the rich opportunities that our students need and deserve. 

Dr. William Crankshaw
Superintendent of Schools