Technology students create checkerboards for Materials Processing class

a group of high school aged students wearing face masks pose with their teacher, each holding up a checker board that they completed as a technology project

Students in the Materials Processing course at Johnstown Jr./Sr. High School recently completed making checkerboards! Taught by longtime technology teacher Ron Savoie, Materials Processing is a half-year course offered to students in grades 9-12 as a technology elective.

a man wearing a purple jacket, face mask and safety goggles demonstrates how to use a saw to his students

For their checkerboard project, students used a planer, radial arm saw, table saw, glue clamps, chop saw, nail gun, hand sanders and glue. The boards were made from two types of wood – pine and oak – to create the checkerboard effect and then finished with four coats of polyurethane. Checker pieces were made from plastic using a 3D printer. Mr. Savoie tells us that the Materials Processing students will compete in a checkers tournament at the end of the semester.

a teacher supervises a student as he uses a table saw in technology class a male student wearing a face mask and protective eye gear plays checkers

two school aged boys play checkers against each other

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