Regents and Local Exam Schedule January 2024

This year’s administration of the January Regents Exams and local exams will be held from January 23-January 26.  All 8th through 12th graders who do not have examinations that week should not report to school so we can provide proper testing space and environment, staffing, and testing accommodations for all exams.

Please refer to the schedule below to see if your student must take an exam.  If you have any questions regarding your student taking a regents or local exam, please contact their school counselor.

Juniors and seniors who attend the career and technical center at HFM BOCES should still attend if they do not have a scheduled exam at JHS.  Transportation will be provided.  Lastly, buses will run on a normal schedule if students need transportation to and from tests.  If a midday run is needed for exams, students should sign up in the main office.

Please feel free to reach out to the Johnstown High School Office if you have any questions.

Tuesday, January 23

  • ELA Regents 8:00 a.m., gymnasium
  • Health 8:00 a.m., new cafeteria
  • Living Environment 12:00 p.m., gymnasium
  • Chemistry Midterm 12:00 p.m., new cafeteria
  • ELA 11 Midterm 12:00 p.m., large cafeteria

Wednesday, January 24

  • Geometry Regents 8:00 a.m., gymnasium
  • Geometry Midterm 8:00 a.m., gymnasium
  • U.S. History 8:00 a.m., gymnasium
  • Algebra 1 Regents 12:00 p.m., gymnasium
  • Physics Regents 12:00 p.m., gymnasium
  • Algebra II Midterm 12:00 p.m., gymnasium

Thursday, January 25

  • Global History Regents 8:00 a.m., gymnasium
  • Physics Midterm 8:00 a.m., large cafeteria
  • Algebra I Midterm (Mrs. Bernaski class only) 8:00 a.m., gymnasium
  • Algebra II Regents 12:00 p.m., gymnasium

Friday, January 26

  • Earth Science Regents 8:00 a.m., gymnasium
  • Chemistry 8:00 a.m., gymnasium

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