Fifth grade science students participate in an EGG-citing project!

students pose around a plastic container with baby chicks in it

In an opportunity provided through Cornell Cooperative Extension, fifth grade students at Warren Street recently participated in a hands-on chick embryology science project with Mrs. Ferrari and Ms. Morreale. Students were able to document the process of how a chicken develops in an egg, from start to finish. 

Over 21 days, students tended to 18 different colored eggs, making sure they were rotated and consistently kept at the correct temperature to mimic the incubation process.

chick eggs are shown in a clear plastic container a baby chick hatches from an eggstudents sit in a circle with baby chicks in the middle a girl poses next to chicken eggs ready to hatch

Students documented the various stages of chick development and growth by using a bright light to show details through the shell — a process that is called “candling.” Using the candling process, students could observe blood vessels, the formation of organs, wings, a beak, legs, bones, feathers, and eventually the egg tooth which helps the chick emerge from the egg. Data was recorded daily, including the student’s observations and measurements, and the weight of each egg.

students sit on the floor in a circle, with baby chicks in the middle a group of students poses in their classroom around a plastic bin with chicks in it
students observe baby chicks in a plastic bin a girl holds up a sign that says "Be Careful, Baby Chicks in Progress."

The students extended their knowledge and understanding of the project by engaging in egg experiments. They also displayed and shared all of their findings and data on colorful bulletin boards through charts, graphs and drawings, and created a special video diary.

students pose next to a bulletin board they created about chick embryologya section of a bulletin board shows the stages of embryology a close up drawing of the parts of a chicken
a close up hand drawn design of the inside of a chicken egg a chart details the different stages of growth for a chicken egg


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