AR Readers and Pax Leaders Recognized

award winners dressed in colorful apronsOn Friday, January 31, Pleasant Avenue Elementary held an assembly that recognized students and their achievements in the AR – Accelerated Reader program. The Accelerated Reader is a computer-based program used to monitor reading practice and progress for students. As part of the program, students complete short quizzes after reading to review if they’ve understood the material. The program offers a fun and family-friendly way to read together and for students to be recognized for their hard work.

In addition, the assembly also recognized PAX leaders, which are Students of the Month that represent each class in the school. The end-of-day event enabled students to experience the value of hard work, the excitement of reading and the continued effort to be kind to one another. The assembly was a great way to end the school week, while sending students home happy and ready to come back to learn more!