Warren Street Acts of Kindness Continue

Over the holiday season, students at Warren Street Elementary School presented a variety of supplies and gifts – as well as a $1,620 donation – to the 77 residents at Wells Nursing Home Inc, right here in the Johnstown community!

Sixth grade students organized a “Loose Change” drive and over a three and a half week span, staff and students in grades 3-6 donated a jaw-dropping $3,033 in loose change! Sixth grade students collected, counted, and rolled the coins, which were then cashed at a local bank.

On the first day of holiday break, ten sixth grade students assisted sixth grade teacher Mrs. Cross in presenting everything that had been collected for the initiative. The students spent about $1,400 on a variety of supplies and gifts, and handed over the remaining $1,620 in a check for the facility.

We are so proud of our students who are excelling academically, taking pride in their school attendance record, showering their community with acts of kindness, and exemplifying what it means to be a good citizen at Warren Street Elementary School!

three plastic tote bins with loose change students sitting at a table sorting change students and staff delivering boxes of donated goods
hand made check for $1620 shopping carts filled with items purchased for donation students pose with handwritten check and boxes of gifts purchased for nursing home residents