Warren AR Champs – Challenge Extended!

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The following 45 students met the challenge of reading and passing at least one AR test during the week of April 13-17:

Skye Hodgson, Lindsey Brown, Josie Eaton, Melania Sepanara, Cashton Dalmata, Isabella Calabrese, Lily Powers, Molly Anderson, Xavier Bynum, Braeden Fennessey, Soria Hock, Allison Gray, Zoe Kobas, Scott Naylor, Kyle Mullins, Mariia Ganzharina, Mason Barter, Henry Sweet, Emma Fries, Hunter Clemons, Chloe Taylor, Devon Demagistris, Jonny Swartwout, Alyssa Ferrari, Connor Frasier, Anthony Cristiano, Ben Bornt, Eugene Shaw, Miesha Patterson, Payton Nellis, Joscelyn Hartlieb, Harper Davis, Jacquelyn Williams, Luke Cheney, Josslynn Rodriguez, Dylan Murray, Kaden Foss, Brielle Swedick, Ayla Naselli, Andrew Hemstreet, Wes Singer, Elizabeth Brownell, Ezequiel Ramirez-Vasquez, Jay Wing, Oliver Dust

Those who read…succeed! Great Job!

AR is accessible to Warren Street students from 8:45 a.m. – 3:15 p.m. every weekday.

We are extending the challenge
for one more week, April 20-24.

All you need to do is read ONE book and pass ONE AR Test by the end of the day on Friday, April 24.  You may receive a prize when we return to school. If you have a picture of your student reading or taking their test, email it to AR@johnstownschools.org.  You might see your picture show up here on the Warren Street section of the school website.  Keep reading!