Lead Testing in Drinking Water Results 2020

In accordance with New York State public health and education law, The Greater Johnstown School District has begun sampling water outlets throughout the district.  This testing is done every five years to identify any potable water outlets in a school building that exceed the state standard of action.  Further information on the testing protocols, responses, and reporting can be found at Lead Testing in School Drinking Water 2020 Compliance Requirements.  As results become available, they will be posted below.

Pleasant Avenue Elementary School

On November 5, 2020 Fulmont Laboratories sampled 70 water outlets at Pleasant Avenue School.  Of those 70 outlets, only one fixture had a level of lead concentration above 15.0 parts per billion.  The faucet is located in the custodial office and is not publicly accessible. It has been clearly labeled “for hand washing only.”

Warren Street Elementary School

On November 12, 2020 Fulmont Laboratory Sampled 66 water outlets at Warren Street School. Four outlets have been identified for remediation.  The right hand sink in room 33 and the sink in room 1 will be labeled for hand wash only until the fixtures can be replaced and retested.  The three bay sink faucet in the kitchen will be flushed daily before use until a new faucet can be installed and retested.  The sink bubbler in room 19 will be replaced and taken out of service until it can be retested.

Once these outlets have been replaced and retested, the results will be posted.  Should any have a test result above the action level again, further sampling will be done to try to determine the source of the lead with remediation to follow.

Johnstown Jr.-Sr. High School

Results for the 45 water samples collected at Johnstown Junior Senior High School on November 19, 2020 are all under the action level. Fulton County Laboratories will return to sample any outlets that are currently shut down due to the pandemic.