JHS School Based Intervention Team (SBIT)

School Based Intervention Team (SBIT)

The objective of the JHS School Based Intervention Team (SBIT) is to implement pre-intervention strategies in a general education environment. The SBIT team provides a school-based model to enable school personnel to meet the needs of individual students within the regular education program who are having difficulties in the educational setting. The team is student-centered and facilitates a process that results in the implementation of the pre-intervention strategies to assist the student academically. It is the responsibility of the team to review any problems (academic, developmental or behavioral) interfering with the student’s performance in school. The SBIT team will strategize solutions, make recommendations to meet the student’s needs and monitor/review the results of recommendations. Parents/guardians are invited and encouraged to participate in the SBIT process.

SBIT Members

  • Jeffrey Blacha, Guidance Counselor
  • Kellie LaCoppola, Guidance Counselor
  • Jessica Hayner, Student Support Counselor
  • Dr. Michael Fraser, School Psychologist
  • Christina Lais, Assistant Principal
  • Judith Swatt, Teacher
  • Hanz Litz, Teacher
  • Tyler Hall, Teacher
  • Allison Grupp, Teacher
  • Kristin DuGuay, Teacher

Johnstown High School Criteria for SBIT

The following criteria should be taken into consideration when teachers refer students to the School Based Intervention Team (SBIT). If students meet this criterion, they should be recommended to the SBIT team. Health, Behavior, Attendance, and Academics are the four areas in which students should be recommended.

Any member of the SBIT team can be called upon to support teachers in this process.

**Any interventions that are recommended by the team should be implemented with fidelity in order to assess students’ responses to those interventions.**

Parental Involvement-Parents will be invited to attend the third meeting and beyond. This will give the team an opportunity to review the initial referral and create and implement interventions. Communication with parents throughout this process will be imperative.

Please consider referring students to SBIT if they:

  • Have been absent for five or more consecutive days and/or have missed 10 or more days in any given quarter (must be negatively impacting academic achievement).
  • Are failing two or more classes in any given quarter.
  • Are in the “urgent intervention” range of STAR testing (ELA and/or math).
  • Have been receiving AIS services for two or more consecutive years (when coupled with another indicator).
  • Have been physically or verbally aggressive in the classroom.
  • Are often defiant/non-compliant-resulting in multiple referrals.
  • Are often off-task and/or inattentive (when coupled with another indicator – i.e. failing classes)

Thank you for your continued cooperation in this process! Please let any member of the SBIT team know of any concerns/recommendations you may have.

The SBIT team

SBIT Initial Referral Form