Pleasant Elementary Counseling

Pleasant Avenue Counseling

Role of the School Counselor

School counselors help all students in the areas of personal/social development, academic achievement, and career development. School counselors differ from mental health counselors. If you would like a list of local mental health providers, please visit the ‘Mental Health Association’ listed to the right in the ‘Additional Links’ section.

Mrs. Di Visconti helps students primarily in groups, but also on an individual basis. She also visits classrooms throughout the school year to help students learn about specific topics that will enhance their personal growth. At the kindergarten level, she uses the Second Step Program with students.

Yello Dyno Safety Rules

Courtesy of the Yello Dyno box set:

  1. Knowledge is power.
  2. I always ask first.
  3. Tricky people, it doesn’t matter what they look like or how well you know them, it’s what they ask you to do that matters.
  4. I always have a buddy.
  5. Take 3 steps back and run like the wind.
  6. I know the Yello Dyno yell.
  7. I trust my feelings.
  8. I can say no!
  9. I don’t keep secrets that make me feel unsafe.
  10. I know my body’s mine!

Banana Splits Groups

What is “Banana Splits?”

“Banana Splits” is a peer support group for students who are facing issues of separation or divorce.

When is it?

“Banana Splits” will take place during lunches. Students in each grade level, whose families are separated or divorced, will have the opportunity to participate throughout the school year.

What do we do?

We try to help each other by talking and sharing our feelings. If we don’t have much to talk about, we play games and work on projects that build our confidence and encourage skills such as communication and teamwork. “Banana Splits” encourages children to see that they are not alone, explore how to help themselves feel better, and increase communication at home.

Do many kids join?

In every school building, there are “Banana Splits” members from each class in kindergarten through sixth grade.

How do you join?

Permission slips will be sent home before the group is scheduled to begin. Simply fill it out and return it to school.

Thoughts Worth Sharing

Hold on to your dreams
Ask questions
Plan to succeed
Proceed with confidence
Invest in the right attitude
Never stop believing
Enjoy the detours
Save time for little things
Share a smile every day 🙂