Johnstown High School

Sophomore – 10th Grade

High School Guidance Information Page


School Counselor

Your school counselor will work with you throughout your high school career to help you make the best educational and personal decisions to fit your future wants and  needs. During your sophomore year, your school counselor is here to:

  • make sure that you are succeeding in all of your classes.
  • help  you cope with any personal issues that you may  have.
  • encourage you to be the best you can be, no matter what your future goals  are.
  • help  you create a junior schedule that fits with your future goals  and  review pathway selections and modify if necessary.
  • introduce you to HFM BOCES Career & Technical Education Center Courses.
  • assist you with college admission preparation:
    • Administer PSAT  exam

Organize Yourself with Naviance

Naviance is a software that  helps students take  charge of their own path.  It helps student uncover their strengths and unique skills so they can develop confidence and see their po- tential.  This program  will help students connect the dots be- tween their interests and college and career choices and to stay motivated  to choose their best-fit postsecondary path.

During your sophomore year, you will:

  • set up your account
  • learn what Naviance has to offer and how to navigate through it.
  • Start your resume:
    • Consider your future career objective
    • Keep track of all:
      • extra-curricular activities;
      • volunteer work;
      • employment;
      • educational accomplishments/awards
      • extra-curricular accomplishments/awards