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Career Planning and College Information

Career Planning

Bureau of Labor Statistics is the US department of labor web site and will provide you with occupational outlooks. Career Cruising allows you to take an interest assessment to determine possible career paths. The site also allows you to research different careers, colleges, and financial aide options. Please see your School Counselor for the Username and Password CareerPrep provides information about career and training options. Mapping Your Future is a site that allows students to explore career and college opportunities. The site also allows students to learn about financial aide and how to manage money. My Future allows students to research different military options. Quintessential Careers is a site that provides resources to assist you in choosing a school and a college major.

See also information on upcoming NYS Job Fairs.

College Information

ACT: This site allows you to register for the ACT test online. Any College: Search colleges by program, state, sports, or name. Campus Tours: Search colleges by name and state and take a tour of them without even leaving your home. Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities: This site allows you to research New York’s Independent Universities and Colleges. College Board: This site allows you search for colleges by major, location, or other items that may be important to you. This site also contains sample questions and registration for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests. College Net: This site allows you to locate college and scholarships. You may also apply online through the website to different colleges. Financial aid information is also available. College View: Take virtual tours of over 3,000 colleges. The site also offers a career center and financial aid information. College Xpress: This site allows you to discover information on student loans, different majors, and career options. The site also gives you a chance to chat with students located at various campuses. CUNY: Research the different City Universities of New York. Embark: This site allows you to research colleges and financial aid options. Go College: This site contains practice SAT and ACT questions, as well as information on financial aid. National Center for Education Statistics: This site allows you to find colleges by location, type of institution, and the level of award. New York’s Private Colleges & Universities: This site includes information on New York ‘s colleges including academic programs, campus profiles, and financial aid. Petersons: Locate colleges by program, state, or name. SUNY: Research the different State Universities of New York.

Financial Aid

HESC: This website is an excellent source for students and parents. It provides a financial calculator, links to obtaining free money from the government if eligible, and how to borrow money correctly. It is also provides links for information regarding how to plan for college. FAFSA: This government web site provides links on how to file a FAFSA (free application for federal student aid) form. All colleges require students to fill out FAFSA form to be considered for financial aid. This application should be filled out online. FinAid: This site offers a useful tool, a financial aid calculator. This tool gives its user a good estimate of financial aid. The site offers a vast amount of financial aid information. It is also great for information on scholarships, loans, savings plans, and financial calculators Profile Online: A link to the CSS profile. Some colleges may require their students to fill out this form in addition or separate from the FAFSA. Mapping Your Future: This site is often used once a student is accepted into college. This site provides links to entrance/exit counseling for Stafford loans. It also provides many resources for parents and students to learn about loans.


Division I and II colleges can offer athletic scholarships; Division III colleges (most smaller, private colleges) cannot. Before an athlete can play a sport or receive a scholarship at a Division I or II college, he/she must meet NCAA’s academic requirements. Division III athletes do not need to meet NCAA academic requirements. If you plan on playing a Division I or Division II sport in college, you must fill out the NCAA clearinghouse.

Division I 16 Core-Course Rule

  • Four years of English
  • Three years of Mathematics (Algebra 1 or Higher)
  • Two years of Natural/Physical Science
  • One Year of Additional English, Mathematics, or Science
  • Two Years of Social Science
  • Four Years of Additional Courses (from any area above, foreign language or non-doctrinal religion/philosophy)

Division II 14 Core-Course Rule

  • Three years of English
  • Two years of Mathematics (Algebra 1 or Higher)
  • Two years of Natural/Physical Science
  • Two years of Additional English, Mathematics, or Science
  • Two years of Social Science
  • Three years of additional courses (from any area above, foreign language or non-doctrinal religion/philosophy)

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