GJSD Elementary Family Handbook

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GJSD Elementary Family Handbook 2023-2024


We are excited to work with you and your children in order to make this a safe and enjoyable school year. We would like to take this opportunity to make you and your children aware of the rules and policies of the school. We ask that you review the rules with your children. Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation. We strive to provide a comfortable and respectful learning environment for all of our Johnstown Elementary students.


We at the Johnstown elementary schools, believe that the faculty and staff must work together with students and parents to ensure a safe school community. The best learning environment is provided when all individuals involved in a child’s learning work together cooperatively.

At  Johnstown Elementary Schools We Will…

  • Provide students with a positive, safe learning community.
  • Treat students as individuals who are deserving of respect, fairness, & understanding.
  • Create opportunities for each child to meet his or her potential.
  • Foster learning as a life-long experience.

Johnstown Elementary students are expected to attend school daily, be on time, and complete high quality work. Students are expected to be aware of all rules and behavioral expectations and to conduct themselves in accordance with those guidelines. Students are expected to treat teachers, staff, and other students with respect and consideration, follow directions, have respect for school and personal property, be responsible, and to follow all school rules. Students have a right to attend school and be treated fairly, be respected as an individual, and to be protected from intimidation, harassment, or discrimination based on their real or perceived race, weight, color, national origin, ethnic group, religion, or religious practice, sex, gender/gender identity, or disability, by students or employees on school property, or at a school-sponsored event or function.

Student Expectations

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Ready to Learn
  • Engage in Cooperation
  • Maintain Self-Control
  • Develop and Demonstrate Leadership

On the Bus

  • Follow directions given by the driver
  • Act as role models
  • Keep hands and objects away from windows
  • Talk quietly and do not distract the driver

In the Hallways

  • Walk silently and orderly on the right-hand-side
  • Be the first to pick up any trash you may notice
  • Listen to directions


  • Use the equipment properly and safely
  • Walk bicycles while on school property
  • Please use the sidewalks
  • Please walk- do not run!
  • Listen to directions

Staff Directory

Pleasant Avenue

235 Pleasant Avenue, Johnstown, NY 12095
518-762-8610 Fax 518-762-1217

Principal: Mrs. Corinne Cotter
Secretary: Mrs. Paula Salatel
Nurse: Mrs. Ashley Valik and Mrs. Karen McClelland
Behavior Specialist: Dr. Pfeiffer
PreKindergarten Team: Mrs. Pedrick, Ms. Salatel, Ms. Thiessen
Kindergarten Team: Ms. Barnett, Ms. Brennan, Ms. Lee, Ms. Livingstone, Mrs. Wood
First Grade Team : Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Edel, Mrs. Harrington, Mrs. Strouse, Mrs. Warner
Special Education : Mrs. Bevington, Mrs. Creator, Mrs. Hammons, Mrs. Whitman
Related Services: Ms. Held, Ms. Lisicki, Mrs. Sitts, Ms. Messner
Essentials: Mrs. Blanchard, Ms. Christenson, Mrs. Lehmann, Mrs. Pertell, Mrs. Sedal-Ammann
Student Support: Mrs. Hayner, Mrs. Sweet
TAs and Aides: Mrs. Arminio,Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Blood, Mrs. Bulger, Mrs. Cannon, Mrs. Coppola, Mrs. Cromling, Mrs. Dutcher, Ms. Francisco, Mrs. Heinze, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Kelso, Mrs. Massey, Mrs. Peconie, Mrs. Shibley, Mrs. Solar, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Ward
Custodial Staff: Mr. Cory White
Food Service: Mrs. Harris, Ms. Hobbie

Warren Street

110 Warren St., Johnstown, NY 12095
518-762-3715 Fax 518-762-8805

Principal: Dr. Matthew Lewis
Secretary: Mrs. Jennifer Friers
Nurse: Mrs. Deborah Ruggeri
School Psychologist:  Dr. Swanson
Behavioral Specialist: Mrs. Miller
Second Grade Team: Mrs. Park, Mrs. Stokna, Ms. Torrell, Miss Mosher, Mrs. Hale
Third Grade Team: Ms. Bernardo, Mrs. Haviland, Ms. Pinkerton, Mrs. Preston, Ms. VanAernam
Fourth Grade Team: Mrs. Casale, Mrs. Hart, MRs. Murphy, Mr. Reese, Mrs. Wagner
Special Education: Ms. Bishop, Mrs. Kosiba, Mrs. LaPointe
Related Services: Mr. Frenyea, Mrs. Meashaw, Mrs. Messner, Mrs. Reed, Mrs. Roehl
Essentials : Mrs. Ammann-Sedal, Mrs. Cromer, Mr. Kindon, Mrs. Lehmann
Student Support Team: Mrs. DiVisconti, Mrs. Blacha
TAs and Aides: Mrs. Christman, Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Dennett, Mrs. Dwyer, Mrs. Durland, Mrs. Klim, Mrs. Lakata, Mrs. Montanye, Mrs. Neet-Marsh, Mrs. Smith
Custodial Staff: Mr. Henry
Food Service: Mrs. Giardino & Mrs. Subik


GJSD ATTENDANCE PROCEDURE brochure 2022-2023 – Attendance Works revisions.docx

Greater Johnstown School District supports daily attendance for all students.  Regular school participation is important to your child’s academic success.  Good attendance in early grades lays a strong foundation for engagement and learning in later grades.  Regular and consistent attendance is one of the most important habits of success that parents/caregivers can help their child to develop for success throughout life.  The goal for Johnstown Elementary students is to have 5 or fewer absences for the year.  You will receive an attendance letter from the office, if attendance is a concern.

If your child is absent, please complete the attendance information on Parent Square.  If your child will be late or will be leaving early, please send in a note to your child’s homeroom teacher.

As per district policy #7410, in order for students to attend a school-sponsored function, it is necessary that students attend classes for at least half of the school day on the day of the activity, unless otherwise excused by the building administrator. One-half of the school day is defined as follows: from 9:00 a.m. until noon or from noon until the end of the school day. Students who are suspended from school on a day of an athletic game or practice session, party, school dance, or other school affair scheduled after regular school hours are not eligible for participation or attendance at such events.

Attendance and Vacation Procedures

Students must understand that missing school due to vacation is an illegal absence.  Under no circumstances can the school condone or support illegal absences.


All elementary buildings will open doors at 7:30 a.m.  There is NO supervision for students prior to 7:30 a.m. Do not drop off students prior to 7:30 a.m. All students not riding a bus should arrive between 7:30 and 7:45 a.m. Announcements will begin at 8:00 a.m.  Arrivals after 8:00 a.m. must be signed in at the front door main office and receive a late pass. Arriving at school on time will help your child be prepared for the day of learning ahead. Students need time in the morning to hang up their belongings, get their materials ready, and get settled into their day.

Pleasant Avenue

Students arriving by car, bike, or walking will enter through the Linden Ave entrance. Use one of the three spots designated with a cone to drop your child off.  Staff members will be outside to open your car door (valet service) and escort your child to the door.  Please do not get out of your car or drive past our staff members. Parking in the loop is prohibited. If you require more time to get your child ready to exit your car – you should park in one of the available spots. Bus students will enter through the main door.   Students will go to breakfast in the cafeteria and/or the gym until 7:50 am. Breakfast will be available 7:30 am – 7:45 am.

Warren Street

All students will enter the main doors by the office in front of the building.

Bus students will be dropped off in the back parking lot of JJSHS (near tennis courts).  Students will enter Warren through the back doors near the gymnasium.

Breakfast will be served in the cafeteria.  Students eating breakfast will remain in the cafeteria until they are done. All students that are not eating breakfast will go to the gym until 7:50 a.m.  At 7:50, all students will be released to their classrooms.


At the end of each school year in June, we will hold our Awards Assembly. If your child is receiving an award, you will be notified by your child’s teacher or the main office prior to the assembly.

Birthdays & Class Parties

If you wish to send in a special snack to celebrate your child’s birthday you may. All food MUST be store bought for birthdays and class parties. Please do not send in home baked goods. If your child is having a birthday party- please do NOT hand out invitations in school unless your child is inviting the whole class. If you can only invite a small number of children, we ask you to hand out the invitations outside of school or through the US mail to eliminate hurt feelings.


The 2023-2024 school calendar can be found in the back of this handbook. Please note: dates are subject to change. Please refer to the school website or principal’s monthly newsletter for current information/dates.

Cell Phone Policy & Electronics

While we understand that some students have a reason to carry a cellular phone to contact family members before or after school- we ask that while in school, students have their phones turned off so instruction is not disrupted. Cell phones must be kept in students’ book bags and are not allowed to be brought on the playground. Students in violation of this policy, after being provided a warning, will have their cellular phone confiscated. The phone will be returned to the child at the end of the school day. Electronic toys, I-Pads, I-Pods, remote control cars, video games, etc. are not allowed in school unless a teacher has requested a specific item, e.g. an I-pod for an instructional purpose. If items are to be used after school, they must remain in the child’s book bag during the school day. The school will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items.

Code of Conduct

The Board of Education of the Greater Johnstown School District is committed to providing a safe and orderly school environment, where students may receive, and District personnel may deliver, quality educational services without disruption or interference. Responsible behavior by students, teachers, administrators, other District personnel, parents, and other visitors is essential to achieving this goal. The District has a long-standing set of expectations for conduct on school property and at school functions. These expectations are based on the principles of civility, mutual respect, citizenship, character, tolerance, honesty, and integrity. These expectations are clearly defined in the District’s Code of Conduct. The Code applies to all students, school personnel, parents, and other visitors when on school property or attending a school function. A summary is included at the back of this handbook but, if you would like to read a full copy you may obtain one from the main office of each school building or from the District Central Office.

Dignity for All Students Act & Character Education

The Board of Education recognizes that teaching students respect, civility, and understanding toward others, as well as the practice and reinforcement of appropriate behavior and values is an important function of the school system. The district wishes to foster an environment where students exhibit behavior that promotes positive educational practices, allows students to grow academically and socially, and encourages healthy dialogue in respectful ways. By presenting teachers and staff as positive role models, the district stresses positive communication and discourages disrespectful treatment. Through our Character Education Program provided by our school counselor, we will be instructing students on the topics of honesty, tolerance, responsibility, respect, awareness and sensitivity to discrimination and harassment, civility, observance of laws and rules, and courtesy. As part of the DASA policy, the district will investigate all complaints of harassment and discrimination and take prompt corrective measures as necessary. (P-4316)

Acts of discrimination and harassment including bullying, taunting, or intimidation are detrimental to student learning and achievement. Harassment can include, among other things, the use, both on and off school property of information technology, including but not limited to email, instant messaging, blogs, chat rooms, pagers, cell phones, gaming systems, and social media websites to deliberately harass or threaten others. This type of harassment is referred to as cyberbullying. Such behavior affects not only the students who are the target, but also the individuals who participate in and witness such acts. The Dignity Act defines harassment as the creation of a hostile environment by conduct or verbal threats, intimidation or abuse that interfere with a student’s educational performance, opportunities or benefits, or mental, emotional, or physical well-being, and conduct, verbal threats, intimidation or abuse that reasonably cause or would be expected to cause a student to fear for his or her safety. Bullying is defined as unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves real or perceived power imbalance.

THE DIGNITY ACT EXPECTS PARENTS “to help by teaching their children respect and dignity for themselves and other students. Please send your child(ren) to school, ready to learn! Help your child(ren) understand that rules are required to maintain a safe school, be supportive towards education and the District, work with our school to maintain open and respectful communication, help your child(ren) deal effectively with peer pressure, provide a safe place for study where homework assignments can be completed, and lastly, please inform the school if there is a change in your home that may affect your child’s conduct or performance”.

WE ASK OUR TEACHERS to maintain a climate of mutual respect in their classrooms, be familiar with our school policies and rules and enforce them in a fair and consistent manner, communicate to parents and students, confront issues of discrimination and harassment and report incidents to the building administrator or one of the Dignity Act Coordinators. Teachers will be prepared to teach and are enthusiastic to work with the students at Pleasant Avenue and Warren Street Elementary. Everyone wants our students to be successful. Pleasant Avenue and Warren Street Elementary have established clear school-wide and classroom rules about bullying and discrimination. We will continue to raise awareness among school staff through training and will provide adequate supervision in less structured areas. Students will participate in a character education program offered by Catholic Charities once per week for 12-15 weeks. We will use every available opportunity to lead by example, teach positive behavior choices, and create a positive school climate.

The Dignity Act Coordinators at Pleasant Avenue: Mrs. Corinne Cotter, Principal, and Mrs. Bobbi Jo Senzio, School Nurse. They can be reached at 518-762-8610.

The Dignity Act Coordinators at Warren Street: Dr. Matthew Lewis, Principal, and Mrs. Deborah Ruggeri, School Nurse. They can be reached at 518-762-3715.


Pleasant Avenue

Students will be provided a 1:1 device to be used at school. Students and families must abide by the Technology Agreement guidelines set forth in Policy #7314.

Warren Street

Students will be provided a 1:1 device that is to be used for school work. These devices must be brought to school every day the child is on campus. Students are to ensure that their devices are fully charged for their in-person instruction. Students and families must abide by the Technology Agreement guidelines set forth in Policy #7314.


Our goal is for discipline to be firm, fair, and consistent. With each incident/referral, the following items are taken into consideration before consequences are assigned – the age of the student, the severity of the incident, disabilities or health concerns of the student, the number of prior referrals, and victims (if any). Students who bring a weapon to school will be automatically suspended for a minimum of three days. Parents will receive either a phone call or notice from the office the day of the referral/incident. Consequences usually build upon one another. Legally, we can only discuss the actions or consequences of a student with their legal parent or guardian.


Please help us keep all students safe by making dismissal changes by 1:00 p.m. each day by phone or with a note. Late dismissal changes sometimes lead to a more chaotic dismissal. Do NOT ask us to make dismissal changes after 12:00 p.m. unless it is an emergency. Our goal is to dismiss all students safely each day. We appreciate your help! Please be sure the office, the transportation office, and your child are all aware of your dismissal preferences. Please do NOT enter the bus loop during dismissal time. Please do not drive on the grass. Please utilize parking spaces in the parking lots. Students should not congregate on campus before or after school hours.  If you have a child in both buildings – pick up your child at Pleasant Avenue before picking up your child at Warren Street.

Pleasant Avenue

Parents/guardians are not permitted to come down to classrooms during dismissal. If you have a scheduled appointment with your child’s teacher, please come into the office after dismissal and sign in. 

Dismissal is at 2:00 from the exterior cafeteria door.  Students must be signed out.

Dismissal for students begins at 2:25 pm.  Due to the young age of Pleasant Avenue students, it is our practice to release students only to  individuals on the pick up list with proper ID, that are over the age of twelve, and we do not permit students to be released without appropriate supervision.  

Car Loop – Families using the car loop will need to contact the office for a loop tag.  In the car loop you should stay off your cell phone and follow all directions. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE. 

Bus Students – Students will be escorted to their buses.

Warren Street

Bus Students:
Will be released to the gym or cafeteria at approximately 2:25 p.m. to wait for their bus.  The bus will pick up students in the parking lot at the high school (same as arrival).  School support staff will escort students to the bus pick up location.

Each grade level is dismissed from their own designated door.  Each grade level will have support staff assisting and supervising students:

  • 2nd Grade– Side Loop
  • 3rd Grade– Front of building down by the gym
  • 4th Grade– Front of building in the middle of the building

Please think carefully before deciding to let your child(ren) walk home without adult supervision. Once children leave school grounds, the district/school staff is unable to provide oversight. Therefore, it is difficult for us to help when you have a concern about your child not making it home on time or if you have concerns about the behavior of other children during the walk home. Students should not congregate on campus before or after school hours. There is no outside supervision after 2:45 p.m. for students on school property, all students must be supervised by a parent or guardian after that time.

District Goals

The GJSD will provide and support diverse, quality academic opportunities in collaboration with our community in order to graduate citizens with the knowledge, skills, and ability to promote and succeed in a stronger society.

Goal 1. Johnstown graduates will be college, career, and civic ready. Students will be proficient and literate in the areas of communication, digital technology and cultural acceptance while exhibiting good citizenship.

Goal 2.  Students shall be engaged in rich and diverse opportunities that encompass personal, cultural, and varied learning experiences. Students should participate in the greater community, be encouraged to participate in goal setting, applied learning, personal expression, and citizenship.

Goal 3.  The Johnstown School District will foster a faculty experience that encourages student engagement through providing freedom and empowerment, access to resources, communication and collaboration, and efforts to allow them to feel supported and valued.

Goal 4. The Johnstown School District will welcome parents and community members as respected resources for our schools. Effective two-way communication will be fostered among school, parent and community groups. The district will offer a range of opportunities for parent and community involvement.

Goal 5. The Johnstown School District will maintain a balance between program services and citizens’ contributions. Creative approaches to increasing revenue will be encouraged while decreasing expenses and conservation practices remain vital.

Dress Code

Each year many teachers and parents ask us to share our guidelines for appropriate attire for students. We call them guidelines because in most cases, it is a judgment call. By having guidelines in place, it tends to clarify our expectations and it will hopefully help parents to support our position. The difficult scenarios regarding dress occur mostly in warmer weather and usually involve the definition of appropriate which will vary depending on age, physical development, and gender. Clothing worn with offensive language or inappropriate comments is strongly prohibited. If you have any suspicions that what your child is wearing may not be suitable for school, you can rest assured that we would most likely agree and we would encourage you to persuade your child to choose something different to wear. We would ask that you discuss this situation with your child, review what he/she is wearing to school and make a decision accordingly. We hope that you understand our position and don’t find our guidelines to be intrusive.

Emergency Conditions

In the event of a snow delay or weather emergency, you will be notified via Parent Square. If you are not yet signed up to receive these messages via phone, please call (518) 762-4611. In the event the school practices a fire drill or other emergency drill, the campus will be closed and visitors will not be allowed to enter the school building until each child is accounted for and students and staff have returned to the building.  You will be notified of lockout/lockdown drills.


Students will have at least one 30 minute essential daily.

Food Service & Snack

Breakfast and lunch will be provided to all students at no cost for the 2023-2024 school year. *If a student would like seconds/doubles their lunch account must have funds available.*

Students are provided with a 40 minute lunch & recess period daily.  It is up to the classroom teacher if students are provided with a snack time.  Please check with your child’s teacher in regard to what types of snacks/drinks are permitted.  Students are permitted to have water bottles.

Students who go through the lunch line will be encouraged to take all of the items offered for lunch.  They must take 3 of 5 items offered when going through the lunch line; they must take ½ cup of fruit or ½ cup of vegetables or a combination of those two items. This includes condiments and dressings.


Report cards will be standards based K-5.  6th Grade will have numerical grades on report cards. Report cards are sent home each trimester.

Health and Safety

The following are helpful suggestions to keep your child safe and healthy at school:

Please keep your contact numbers up to date. If your child is ill or has been injured, we need a way to contact you immediately.  You may send in a note to either the Main Office or the Health Office at any time or you may request to stop in personally. Also please keep your child’s medical information current, such as a change in allergies, a new diagnosis, or medication they may be taking. Medication given at school on a long-term basis must have paperwork completed by both you and your child’s physician before given at school.  The medication must be brought in by a parent or parent designee to the Health Office – Please do not send it in with your child. In the event that your child has head lice, please let the nurse know that as well. Our nurse is a good resource to help with both treatments of your child as well as for your home. To determine if your child should come to school when he/she is feeling “under the weather,” please do not send them if they have the following:

  • A temperature over 100 – they should be fever free for 24 hours without any medication.
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

In most cases if an antibiotic has been started at home please wait until they have had three doses before sending them back to school.  This can be especially important in the case of Strep Throat or Conjunctivitis (pink eye).

When in doubt, contact the Health Office and let our nurse help you determine if it is safe for your child to be at school. In the case of injury or illness where your physician restricts your child from PE, please provide the Health Office with a note from his/her office.  This will ensure that your child will not participate in PE or recess until they are able.  Without a note they will be expected to participate.  If you have any questions or concerns for your child, please feel free to contact the Health Office at any time and speak with our nurse.

Few conditions seem to cause as much concern in schools and homes as an infestation of head lice in children. Recent medical recommendations from both the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) do not treat head lice as an illness that necessitates an absence from school and have shown that the contagion does not spread as easily as once thought. In order to control infestations of head lice (Pediculosis), the Board of Education has adopted the following protocols:

  1. Whenever there is a possibility that a student is infested, staff will contact the student’s parents. An infested student will not return to school unless corrective treatment has been given and the student is free of active lice. Current treatment protocols make this possible in less than twenty-four (24) hours. Parents may be asked to have a physician prescribe medication for treatment.
  2. A student who has been infested will be readmitted to school after successfully completing an examination by the nurse.
  3. School staff will work with parents to minimize student absence caused by exposure to head lice. An infested student is not sick and is not a danger to other students. Excessive and unnecessary absences affect a student’s educational progress.
  4. School staff will protect student privacy and maintain confidentiality of medical information when infestations are detected.
  5. School staff will also work to minimize the social stigma that is unfairly attached to victims of head lice infestations. Head lice are not caused by poverty or unsanitary conditions.
  6. Students will not be separated from their peers or singled out as infected. All staff will learn proper precautions to prevent further spread of the infestation. Regulations will be developed to provide guidelines on the detection and treatment of head lice, as well as classroom procedures for dealing with affected students. (BOE policy 7515)

Homework Policy

It is our EXPECTATION that parents check their child’s purple communication folder each night. The communication folder is a useful tool to not only communicate with your child’s teacher but also understand what assignments are due and when. In most grade levels, homework will be assigned daily. Homework is used to practice skills taught that day in class. Depending on the grade level of the child, the time homework should take, the subject areas of the homework, and the type of homework will vary. We recommend that you contact your child’s teacher to discuss their homework policy.

iReady Assessments

The iReady Math Assessment is given to all students at least three times per year. The assessment is a computer-adapted test designed to give us accurate, reliable, and valid data so teachers can make good decisions about instruction and interventions. Parent reports will be provided to you at fall conferences in order to inform you of your child’s progress. If your child receives extra help in Academic Intervention Services (AIS), their progress will be monitored periodically using the iReady Assessment. Although the iReady Assessment gives us valid data, we, as educators, realize that not one single data point should drive instructional decisions. In addition to the iReady assessments, we are taking into consideration your child’s classroom progress, the outcomes of classroom assessments, and the use of other informal/formal assessments in order to provide the highest quality instruction to your child.

JEPTA (Johnstown Elementary Parent Teacher Association)

We welcome parent involvement in our classrooms and at school events. The PTA brings many wonderful programs and opportunities for our students.  Meetings will be held virtually each month. The PTA meeting dates and officers are listed below.  The link will be posted the week of the meeting.  If you would like to become involved in the PTA, please call the main office at 518-762-8610.

Meeting Dates

  • September 13th – 6:00pm @ PA
  • October 11th – 6:00pm @ Warren Street
  • November 8th -3:00pm @ Knox
  • December – no meeting
  • January 10th – 6:00pm @ Warren Street
  • February 14th – 3:00pm @ PA
  • March 13th – 6:00pm @ Knox
  • April 10th – 6:00pm @ PA
  • May 8th – 6:00pm  @ Knox
  • June 12th – 3:00pm @ Warren Street

JEPTA Officers

President: Meghan Heroth
Treasurer: Jamie Tallon
Secretary: Jess Stock
Pleasant Ave VP: Ashley Savage
Warren VP: Amanda Bunker
KNOX VP: Ashley Warner
Pleasant Ave  Building Rep:  Alex Thiessen
Warren Building Rep: Kristen Meashaw
KNOX Building Rep: Karlene Peck

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Generally, Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled for November. April conferences will be scheduled as needed.  It is strongly recommended that you meet with your child’s teacher at these times.  Your child’s teacher will be responsible for setting a conference schedule. It is important that we are all on the same page regarding your child’s success. Of course, you may arrange a meeting with your child’s teacher whenever you feel necessary. Dates for Parent-Teacher Conferences are listed on the following page with the report card dates.

Playground & Recess Rules

  • The playground is closed to the general public during school hours. All other times, play at your own risk, as supervision will not be provided.
  • For the safety of all of our students, there are no dogs/pets allowed on the playground or on school property- this includes during arrival and dismissal.
  • Each grade level will have twenty minutes of recess daily.
  • Supervision will be provided by the recess aides. Aides will also walk students to and from recess.
  • In case of injuries on the playground, the child will be sent to the nurse’s office.
  • In the winter, students need to be prepared to go outside with a coat, hat, mittens, snow pants, and boots. If students do not have boots or snow pants, they will remain on the blacktop portion of the playground. We do not have supervision inside for students who forget their winter clothing or who do not want to go outside.
  • Students are not permitted on the playground equipment with flip flops. Please send sneakers!
  • There is no skateboarding or biking allowed on the playground at any time.
  • Listening to and following the playground supervisor’s directions are very important. When exiting the building students should walk and act appropriately. They should use language that is appropriate for school.
  • Cell phones, game-boys, DS, I-Pods, I-Pads, Kindles, Nooks, remote control cars, or any other sort of electronic toys are NOT allowed on the playground. The school will not be held responsible for lost or stolen toys.
  • Students will not be allowed to chew gum, or have food and drink (other than water) on the playground for safety reasons.
  • Students are not permitted to leave the playground without the supervisor’s permission.
  • Prohibited Recess Activities Include; hardballs, bats, pushing/shoving, running when exiting the building, kicking, tripping, spitting, name calling, climbing up the slide, throwing rocks/sand/snow/ice, swearing, etc. 

State Tests (Grades 3-6)

The NYS tests are designed to measure how well students have mastered the NYS Common Core Curriculum and necessary grade level skills, and also to monitor the effectiveness of instructional programs. Please make every effort to have your child attend school on testing dates.

The results of these tests are extremely important for our teachers and for our school. Parents will receive a parent report from NYS in early fall, indicating what level (1-4) your child scored.

*We will be taking computer -based exams again this year!

  • ELA Test – Grade 3-6, April 8 – May 17
  • Math Test – Grade 3-6, April 8 – May 17
  • Science Test – Grade 5 & 6, April 8 – May 17


Core Practice:

  • Technology is to be used for schoolwork and school-related activities.
  • Websites visited must be appropriate for school.
  • Devices will be carried with care and used responsibly.
  • Food and liquids will be kept away from devices.
  • No stickers on the devices (with the exception of district tags/labels).
  • Students will ensure their device is fully charged for school each day.
  • Students will take care of the device as if it were their own.
  • All school-owned devices are filtered and browsing is monitored by the district.  However, these systems do not replace supervision.
  • Students will keep passwords private.

Out of Bounds Behavior:

  • Using the device for activities not related to school work.
  • Visiting websites that are inappropriate for school.
  • Carelessness that may result in accidental damage to the device.
  • Stickers on the device.
  • Failure to charge the device; loss or damage to the charger.
  • Deliberate damage or physical changes to the device.
  • Cyberbullying or other inappropriate online behavior.
  • Food and drinks near or on the devices.
  • Inappropriate videos, sites or content that violate the Greater Johnstown School District Code of Conduct.
  • Using the device for activities not related to school work.

Loss or Damage:

  • If the device or charger is damaged, lost, or stolen, the family is responsible for the full cost of the repair or replacement, up to FULL REPLACEMENT VALUE.
  • Any damage, loss or theft of the property must be reported to school as soon as possible; no later than the school day following the occurrence.
  • The District may pursue legal action against any student who willfully, maliciously or unlawfully damages, destroys or steals a District-owned device.

Students shall follow guidelines as outlined above, and comply with the official Greater Johnstown School District Acceptable Use Policy: Student Use of Computerized Information Resources, Policy #7314.


It is our job at 2:25 p.m. daily to be sure that students dismiss safely from this building. If you need to make a change to your child’s normal dismissal schedule- please make every effort to call us by 12 p.m. You must call the office. We will notify the teacher and those responsible for dismissal of students. Teachers will not release a child to anyone without authorization from the office. Children being picked up must be dismissed by office personnel from the office- NOT from the classroom. Students are not allowed to be signed out from classrooms. Our procedures are designed to protect all of our students and although nothing is foolproof, it does provide an orderly procedure that may prevent an unfortunate incident from happening. For the safety of all children, we ask for your cooperation in this matter.  If you need to make a transportation change, please fill out a transportation form you can obtain from the main office or you can print one from our website. Transportation changes may take up to 2 weeks to process and to be in effect

Volunteering & Visitors

All visitors must have prior approval from the principal and be approved through the Raptor System.


The unvoiced problem cannot be solved. If you have a concern or question, please call us! Please contact your child’s teacher first if you have a classroom concern; otherwise contact the main office or the health office.


Mental Health Association in Fulton & Montgomery Counties
Phone: 518-762-5332  www.mentalhealthassociation.org

Family Counseling Center
Phone: 518-725-4310

Mountain Valley Hospice
Phone: 518-725-4545

St. Mary’s Mental Health Children’s Clinic
Phone: 518-843-7520

Four Winds Saratoga
Phone: 584-3600, 1-800-888-5448
Admissions 1-800-959-1287 -843-7520

Catholic Charities-Johnstown
Phone: 518-762-8313

Department of Social Services
Phone: (Services) 518-736-5600

Lexington Family Service
Phone: 518-773-2014

Public Health
Phone: 518-736-5720

Youth Bureau
Phone: 518-736-5505

Handbook 2023-2024

The handbook is available online.
Please read and review with your child.

Signature of Understanding
Please RETURN to your child’s teacher as soon as possible.

My child and I understand and have read the rules and guidelines in the Johnstown Elementary School Handbook.  Adhering to the rules and guidelines will help ensure that Johnstown Elementary School is a safe place to learn and play.

Please sign and return this page to your child’s teacher
(Please return this form for each child that attends Johnstown Elementary Schools.

I, _______________________________ have read the handbook with my child, and do understand the contents.

I, ______________________________ have read the handbook with my parent, and do understand the contents.

We understand the rules and guidelines listed in the handbook
and will follow the rules and guidelines in order to make
the Johnstown Elementary Schools a safe place to learn and play.

Child’s Name: ________________________________          Teacher: _______________
Parent Signature: ______________________________        Date: __________________

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