Capital Project 2022

GJSD Community to Vote on Capital Project and
Energy Performance Contract Tuesday, November 15

Public Forum Set for 6:30 p.m., November 8
In Lecture Hall at Johnstown Jr.-Sr. High School

On Tuesday, November 15, community members of the Greater Johnstown School District will vote on two propositions — (1) a capital project not to exceed $15 million to address improvements made to the District’s five campuses (Pleasant Avenue, Warren Street, Jr.-Sr. High School, The Knox Building, and Glebe Street); and (2) an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) with the John W. Danforth Company not to exceed $3 million. The capital project needs a simple majority to pass (more than 50%). The District is seeking voter approval of the EPC project alongside the capital project in order to receive a higher percentage of state aid on the EPC project.

The capital project would be paid for by financing $14 million and using $1 million from the District’s reserves (savings). District officials have timed the projects in such a way that it will not result in an increase in the District’s tax levy. The capital project will receive state aid reimbursement and financing will start at a time when the District is set to finish paying off debt from a previous capital project. The EPC project is self-funded through guaranteed energy savings, which will pay for itself over an 18-year timeframe. John W. Danforth the Energy Services Company (ESCO) maintains the full responsibility to ensure the guaranteed energy savings are met.


Polls will be open from 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. on Tuesday, November 15, and voting will take place at the Johnstown Jr.-Sr. High School in the auditorium lobby (also known as the JPAC), located at 1 Sir Bills Circle in Johnstown.


A public forum will take place at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 8 in the Lecture Hall of the Jr.-Sr. High School, with Superintendent of Schools Dr. William Crankshaw, Assistant Superintendent Ms. Alicia D. Koster, and members of the Board of Education’s Facilities Committee and Audit, Budget & Finance Committees available to answer questions about the capital project and EPC.

The capital project and EPC would take place simultaneously in order to streamline construction and consolidate project work when possible, in an effort to be less intrusive to staff and students. If approved, work would commence in the summer of 2024, which allows time for specifications for the scope of work and NY State Education Department approval of plans. Work would last just over one year, with an anticipated end date in late fall 2025.

Capital Project 2022 Scope

The scope of the capital project is primarily being informed by results of a 2020 building condition survey, which suggested reconstruction, renovations and improvements be made to windows, building exteriors, aging heating and ventilation systems, pavement and traffic flow safety, interior plumbing and electric, exterior lighting at the three main schools, and exterior drainage issues. 

“The facilities and buildings at Johnstown are meticulously maintained, but there are aging systems in our facilities that are simply past their prime,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. William Crankshaw said. “Aging infrastructure causes a financial risk to the District and ultimately becomes a safety hazard for our staff and students inside the buildings.”

In addition to priorities identified by the building condition survey and vetted through the District’s Facilities Committee, there are items in the capital project scope that will enhance staff and students’ educational experiences at Johnstown, including a bus loop central to both JJSHS and Warren Street that will make for safer pick-up and drop-off of students, upgraded kitchen equipment and cafeteria lines at both Pleasant Avenue and Warren Street, lighting, technology and seating improvements in the Lecture Hall at JJSHS, and a new student locker bay area at Warren Street.

a school building is shown with a blue sky behind it, and a purple graphic below itThe scope of work at Johnstown Junior-Senior High School would include exterior LED lighting, drainage work, improvements to HVAC systems and air ventilation, modernization of water lines, repairs to the building’s foundation, walk-in freezer replacement, and more. The Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS), which provide insulation and protection to the building’s exterior, would be repaired. A new bus loop, central to both the HS and Warren St., will improve safety and alleviate traffic congestion. The outdoor multi-purpose instructional space (area of tennis/basketball court) will be replaced and relined to accommodate a wider variety of activities. Damaged and obsolete theater seats in the lecture hall would be replaced with multi-purpose tables and chairs to provide a more functional learning space that can also be used for smaller-sized community events (guest speakers, etc), in addition to lighting and technology upgrades.

photos of a freezer, the exterior of a building and exterior lighting

A new walk-in freezer would be installed in the cafeteria kitchen, the Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) would be repaired and exterior lighting would be upgraded.

photos of a badly damaged basketball court

The multi-purpose instructional space (area of tennis/basketball court) will be replaced and relined to accommodate a wider variety of activities.

photos of an old lecture hall and badly damaged theater seats

Multi-purpose tables and chairs would replace badly damaged theater seats in the lecture hall to provide a more functional learning space, as can be seen in the renderings below. Lighting and technology would be upgraded as well. The design process for this space would start when the project is approved by voters.   

renderings of a newly designed lecture hall

a rendering of a proposed bus circle on the campus of a school

A bus loop central to both the Jr.-Sr. High School and Warren Street Elementary School will help with traffic congestion and make for safer conditions for both staff and students. Surrounding walkways and staff parking would be repaved and exterior lighting would be upgraded.

a school building is shown with a blue sky behind it and a purple graphic below itWarren Street Elementary School would see new classroom windows, repairs to wall cracks throughout the gymnasium, installation of a digital building heat management system, updated kitchen equipment and a new serving line, reconfiguration of the cafeteria to alleviate overcrowding, improvements to outside drainage, pavement and walkways, and new LED exterior lighting. A bay of student lockers would also be added to Warren Street.

photos of a school cafeteria serving line, a cafeteria and a stage

The kitchen at Warren Street would see a new serving line and updated kitchen equipment. The cafeteria space and stage (which is currently used as instructional space) would be reconfigured to address overcrowding.

two pictures show a hallway in a school building and a rendering of purple school lockers

A new bay of student lockers would be added for students at Warren Street. The photo on the left shows the proposed location of the new locker bay. The photo on the right is a rendering of a possible design for the locker bay. The actual design phase would start after the project is approved by the community.

damaged walls are shown next to old windows and an antiquated light pole

Damaged walls in the Warren Street gymnasium would be repaired, classroom windows would be replaced and exterior lighting would be upgraded.

a school building with life size pencils is shown with a purple graphic below it

Work at Pleasant Avenue Elementary School would include replacing antiquated kitchen equipment and installing an updated cafeteria serving line, replacement of flooring and windows, new exterior LED lighting, modernized HVAC controls, and replacing steam boilers with high efficiency condensing boilers.

antiquated boilers and controls are shown

Upgrading to modernized HVAC controls, and replacing steam boilers with high efficiency condensing boilers would be part of the capital project at Pleasant Avenue Elementary.

an old light pole is shown next to windows that show damage from leaks

Exterior lighting at Pleasant Avenue would be upgraded for increased visibility and safety, and the gymnasium windows – which are showing damage from water leaks – would be replaced.

a cafeteria line is shown with kitchen equipment

Pleasant Avenue would see upgraded kitchen equipment and a new serving line for students.

an older school building with green lawn and a purple graphic below it

At The Knox Building, drainage issues on the playground would be addressed and repairs would be made to sections of the press box EIFS (exterior walls) at Knox Field.

a playground

a press box is shown needing repairs to the exterior walls

a building with a walkway and canopy leading to the front doorAt Glebe Street, which currently houses the PTECH program, repairs would be made to soffits and sections of the exterior envelope which are showing deterioration. Damaged entranceway columns would be replaced and the canopy would be repaired, exterior LED lighting would be added and improvements would be made to the HVAC system.

damaged exterior photos are shown of a building