Repair Reserve


This reserve is used to pay for unanticipated, non-recurring repairs to district capital improvements, facilities and equipment.

Legal Reference:

Gen. Municipal Law § 6-d(3)(a); see also Opinion. Of St. Comp. 84-8; 26 Opinion. Of St. Comp. 225 (1970).

Account Code:


Source of Funds: Voter approval is required to fund this reserve from budgetary appropriations, or revenues not required by law to be paid into another account or fund

In accordance with the proposition approved by the voters in Johnstown, this reserve was funded entirely via a transfer of funds from the Reserve for Accrued Employee Benefits Liability. The wording of the proposition does not allow for additional funding of this reserve beyond the initial amount.

Use of Reserve:

In accordance with the law, a public hearing must be held in order to use funds from this reserve, except in an emergency.

In cases of an emergency, money in the fund may be expended, without voter approval, by resolution of the Board of Education approved by not less 2/3 of the Board. The total amount used on an emergency basis shall be repaid to the reserve fund no later than the last day of the second fiscal year in which the funds were expended.

Use is restricted to the purpose stated above. To date, funds have been used for the tennis court repair, installation of tank alarms for the underground fuel tanks, and a roof repair.


This reserve was created on May 20, 2008 via voter approval.

Funding Level:

This reserve was funded at $1,000,000.

Ideal Balance: .

Planned Use:


Balance at June 30, 2021: