Board of Education Committees

Board of Education Committees 2020-21

Pursuant to District Policy #2210, Board members may be assigned to committees by the Board President for the purpose of undertaking a specific task. These committees shall be discharged on the completion of their assignment. Committees act in an advisory capacity only; they are not a quorum; they do not have any of the powers and duties invested by law in the School Board; they have no authority to take any formal action; they cannot make legal decisions for the entire Board.

Audit, Budget & Finance  (Standing Committee – Required by law)

  • Joe LoDestro – Chair
  • Pat Oare
  • Chris Tallon
  • Kathy Zajicek

Facilities (Standing Committee)

  • David D’Amore- Chair
  • Chris Tallon
  • Kathy Zajicek

Academic & Extra-Curricular(Standing Committee)

  • Susanne Fitzgerald – Chair
  • Beverly Alves
  • Ron Beck
  • David D’Amore

Personnel (Standing Committee)

  • Pat Oare – Chair
  • Joe LoDestro
  • Joyel Richardson
  • Chris Tallon