Alma Mater


Written by Verna Danforth (1921)

Sung to the tune of “Stars and Stripes Forever”

All hail to the Johnstown High
With her banner of purple and gold.
As long as that banner shall fly
Our hearts shall be wrapped in its fold.
Good Comrades we ’ere shall remain
Prepared to protect her from all peril,
To keep her memory from all stain.
Hereby we pledge devotion to the Johnstown High School.

When school days have come to an end
And at last we must bid you good-bye,
Still still our best efforts we’ll lend,
To keep that bright banner high.
Though dishonor and shame may be rife,
They’ve no power over loyalty’s bright rule.
And through every storm and every strife
Shall shine for aye the banner gay of Johnstown High School.

Then here’s to the Johnstown High.
May she ever in dignity stand,
Her students, as in years gone by,
United in heart and hand.
May her halls ever ring to the tread
Of defenders – as gallant and as bold
As those in the days that now have sped
Who were an honor to the Purple and the Gold!


Sung to the tune of “Our Director”

Oh, here’s to Johnstown High School
Faithful and bold.
Here’s to our banner
The Purple and the Gold.
Then here’s to all good fellows
Who for the team would die.
We’re singing the victory song
Of Johnstown High.