Warren Street Math Olympiads

We have had a wonderful Math Olympiad Program this year run by a parent volunteer, Mrs. Connelie.

math olympiads in group photoStudents in fourth through sixth grade are nominated for this program based on high achievement in the area of math.  Students worked throughout the year on math problems through competitions in the Olympiad Program that are a little different than problems they solve in their daily math classes.  You can read all about the Math Olympiad at www.moems.org.

Program Goals:

  • To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for mathematics
  • To introduce important mathematical concepts
  • To teach major strategies for problem solving
  •  To develop mathematical flexibility in solving problems
  •  To strengthen mathematical intuition
  •  To foster mathematical creativity and ingenuity
  •  To provide for the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges

Recently, the Math Olympiad participants created math games such as the ones shown below that were presented at Evening for Education!

Congratulations on all your hard work this year and great job!!  A special thank you to Mrs. Connelie!!

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