Warren Stem Club “Tapes” on a Challenge

Come to Room 3 at Warren Street on Tuesday mornings and you might just see some sweat, tears, and tape….A LOT OF TAPE! Our STEM Club’s sixth graders have been losing sleep over their first STEM challenge:

The Challenge – hold a textbook (or the record of forty!) one inch off of a desk using ONLY one sheet of 8 x 11 computer paper.

Supplies – one sheet of paper, a ruler (only to measure the 1 inch rule), tape, scissors

Madison King, Patrick Clemence, Konner Mancini, Garrett Barnett, and Zach Tierney worked relentlessly to solve this seemingly impossible STEM task. They persevered through many trials and even more errors! After two full rolls of tape, Mrs. Ferrari and Mrs. Swartwout had to give some hints and have some focusing discussions about structure and support systems. Then it all started to click!

Last week a club record was set! Madison King and Konner Mancini stacked 13 textbooks to hold the initial record, although it was short-lived. Patrick Clemence broke their record minutes later with 19 textbooks on top of his paper support structure.

We are looking forward to our next “egg”cellent STEM challenge! ​

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