Video: Warren Double Dare AR Assembly

As part of Warren Street’s Accelerated Reader Double Dare challenge, the top two classes  from each grade level (determined by AR points) are rewarded with participation in a Double Dare Challenge each month.

For October, the sixth grade classes of Mrs. Hartlieb and Mrs. Rau competed in Balloon Tennis with fly swatters. Mrs. Rau’s class took home the Double Dare banner.

Mrs. Muller’s and Mrs. Ferrari’s classes were the top two fifth grade classes and were slated to compete in a balloon rocket challenge. Unfortunately, both classes were disqualified for popping their balloons before the challenge started!

In fourth grade, Mrs. Meashaw’s and Mrs. Ringer’s classes competed in the Balloon Pop; the students had to pop balloons on the gym floor to find a red flag, as seen in the video below.  Mrs. Ringer’s class took home the banner.