Visitor Takes 6th Grade on Virtual Field Trip

The students in Mr. McCullough and Ms. Flanders’ ELA and social studies classes had a visit from Mr. Ray Ettington of Rochester, NY, who is a very special friend of Ms. Flanders. Mr. Ettington has a hobby creating virtual field trips using the internet and PowerPoint software. During his visit he shared his presentations “The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World,” “The Seven Wonders of the Natural World,” and “A Tribute to Glen Curtiss.”

Recently, the sixth graders read a story called “Back to the Drawing Board,” in which the Wright Brothers were depicted as the sole inventors of the airplane. Mr. Ettington shared the life and accomplishments of a young man named Glen Curtiss, from Hammondsport, NY, who actually held the first pilot license and helped create the motor for the first airplane. Many people have never heard of Glen Curtiss and Mr. Ettington, who gives tours of The Glen Curtiss’ museum in Hammondsport, wants everyone to know about the accomplishments of Mr. Curtiss.

Mr Ettington sits at desks among students

Mr Ettington shows PowerPoint presentation

Letter from Mr Ettington

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