Vision Quest Provides Wealth of Ideas

Students, staff, parents and residents joined Board members and Administrators at Johnstown High School for a Vision Quest on March 15, ready to help map out a course for the district’s future.

Participants were asked to separate into four stakeholder groups: one for students, one for staff members, one for parents/community members and one for Board members. With a packet of sticky notes in hand, each person approached large poster sheets assigned to their stakeholder group, writing comments about anything and everything that concerned them – from life skills to career paths to technology to communication to respect and beyond. Everyone who attended was allowed to participate and share their opinions.

students contemplating poster

After literally hundreds of suggestions were posted, the next round in the quest began. Each person was handed blue and green sticker dots and asked to read through all of the ideas proposed by the members of their stakeholder group. After time for careful consideration, they each picked the two ideas that were most important to them. True-blue dots were affixed to their highest rated concern and green dots were attached to their second highest concern.

Board members contemplate blue & green dots

All of the information that was gathered is now being compiled into a document for the Board to review. The insights provided from so many different perspectives will help the Board and Administration to assess what is most important to students, staff, parents and residents. The thoughts, ideas, and suggestions presented will then be taken into account where possible, to help shape the Greater Johnstown School District in ways that best serve and inspire our students, families, staff and local community.

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to participate!

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