U.S. Census Bureau Seeking 2020 Census Responses

Together we can ensure that our community receives the resources it needs. US Census 2020From May 1-3, the U.S. Census Bureau will continue its outreach program to seek responses for the 2020 Census. Your participation is key as your input will determine federal funding distribution levels, political boundaries and have an immediate impact on our GJSD school district.

Helping the U.S. Census Bureau obtain an accurate count in your community can help your school obtain the funding it needs and can help ensure that families in our community have access to needed social service programs.  Your response with influence the funding that is provided to our school district and community.  Know also that individual responses to the census are not shared with any other entity or agencies.  Only aggregate data will be shared when the census is done, thus protecting all people’s anonymity.  Please complete the census!  For more information, please visit www.census.gov or participate in the census at www.2020census.gov.