Transportation Reminder Regarding Bus Changes

The HFM BOCES Regional Transportation Service is reminding all parents and guardians to submit any requests for changes in student pick-up or drop-off locations to your school’s main office.

As student safety is a top priority, procedures are in place to ensure that students are accounted for at all times and transported to the appropriate destination. Bus drivers are not authorized to accept requests directly from parents or students. All requests must be submitted to the school’s main office, and the school will notify Regional Transportation.

Also, once a student boards a bus, it is the bus driver’s responsibility to ensure that student arrives at his/her designated drop-off location. Students must remain on the bus unless the driver is contacted by the Regional Transportation office.

Information regarding specific processes and procedures for requesting transportation changes are posted on our webpage at

In the event of an emergency, please contact the main office at your child’s school and they will notify Regional Transportation.

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