Transportation Day Delivers Big Smiles

Pleasant Avenue students enjoyed a fun filled day learning about all different types of transportation vehicles. These included, a boat, drag car, classic cars, bucket truck, van, ambulance, fire engine, motorcycles, snow plow, backhoe, gator, tractor trailer cab, ice cream truck, horse drawn wagon, and the finale of a helicopter!

Thanks Pre-K teacher Mrs. Amy Hale for her efforts in organizing the event, and to all of our volunteer presenters, listed below, for providing our students this great opportunity:

Alpin Haus, Bob Klim, Kevin Willet, National Grid, Salvation Army,
JAVAC, JPD, JFD, Brown’s Ford, Pop Pop’s Ice Cream,
Valerie and James Shutter, City of Johnstown, Sue Ackerbauer,
Wesley Cox, Rick Sager, Medevac

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