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Tech-Know is a group of 10 high school students, grades 9-12, who work with our IT Department to support District technology for our faculty, staff and students. Three of the members (Jack Truckenmiller, Bailey King and Jesse Ferri) attended a recent Board of Education meeting to share a slideshow and discuss the program.

Following a full day summer orientation covering confidentiality, policies, our network and devices, the students have undertaken numerous tasks, including learning how to make Ethernet cables, completing and closing 50 trouble tickets, unpacking and inventorying 700 new Chromebooks, assembling charging carts, replacing defective key boards caused by a manufacturer’s defect, pulling hard drives and CD/DVD drives from 200+ old desktop computers being sent out for recycling, helping to set-up equipment for presentations, and creating several instructional videos and guides (see links below). Members of the group also email announcements to staff and students, and read announcements over the PA system each morning and afternoon.

Their work takes place during scheduled study halls, enrichment and after-school. In exchange they each have a Chromebook they may use at school and at home, an ID badge that serves as a hall pass during their work period, and the opportunity to provide input into the future of IT at the district.

With an ever increasing quantity of devices and software requiring IT support, Tech-Know assistance helps our IT Department with their ongoing goal to improve ticket response time, while the students engage in an authentic learning experience!

Tutorial Videos & Guides created by Tech-Know students:

Slideshow in PDF Format


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