Tang Museum Visit/Warren Kindness Project

chalkboard on wall with doodling

Last week educators from Skidmore College’s Tang Museum visited Warren Street to do their suitcase program with the fourth through sixth grade classes in art.

Students learned about Nigerian born artist Viktor Ekpuk, who had an exhibit at the Tang where he doodled with chalk all over the black gallery walls during a two week period. Classes watched this condensed down into a one minute time lapse video. After discussing Ekpuk’s art, they created their own small works in his style.

Now the students are taking what they learned from the visit further and making a display at Warren Street to use as a platform to promote kindness in their school. Our art teacher, Ms. Kelly, got it started Monday with a few quotes and some simple instructions while all the kids were watching the movie “Wonder” at the high school. Warren Principal Mrs. Lent arranged the special movie viewing to show students the power of kindness and to help make it a part of the school environment, something also done through the school’s implementation of the OLWEUS bullying prevention program.

As students arrived back at Warren, they were greeted with the surprise project waiting for them and eagerly began adding to it right away with the crayons left out for them. Stay tuned for more images of the Kindness Project Wall’s progression as it gets filled with uplifting messages and doodles to make us all smile!

collage of students working on art projects

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