Student Council Spring Fundraiser

poster of "J" with thank you for supporting student council and the Back Pack programThe JHS Student Council is turning its spring fundraising efforts towards supporting the local Johnstown community and is excited to extend an invitation to the entire district to participate.

Pictured to the right you will see a copy of a “Johnstown J,” printed courtesy of The Leader Herald. The club will be selling these during Enrichment at Johnstown High School and during the March 1 District Volleyball Tournament. For a $1 donation, your name will be written on a J and displayed in the main JHS hallway for all to see!

Every dollar donated will be allocated towards needs in the local Johnstown Community (extra donations are always accepted). For the first year of the fundraiser, the Student Council officers have decided to donate the funds raised to the District Back Pack Program!

If anyone would like to donate, please do not hesitate to reach out to either Adam Cox or Heather McGuire.