Elementary SBIT Criteria

Determined K-12 Process

Prior to referral:

Teacher contact parent about concerns and previously attempted strategies. If necessary, inform parent of referral to SBIT

Step 1: Teacher/Designee Referral  (K-12 classroom teacher/designee calls parent to make them aware of the referral. Teacher/designee will tell parent that information with student/in the mail) (What is SBIT? Letter, and the Input Form)

  • Turn into main office (SBIT mailbox/secretary).
  • Person that creates the schedule to review and screen referral (more info needed); if there are concerns- give to building administrator.
  • When forms are returned, turn into the SBIT mailbox-Psych/Counselor will input information on initial meeting form.

Step 2: Initial Meeting

  • Review referral and parent input
  • Determine areas of need, any further screenings
  • Design intervention
  • Progress monitoring sheets assigned/dates filled out.
  • Send parent update letter with teacher at end of meeting (K-6), mailed 7-12.

Step 3: Follow up meeting # 2

  • Secondary- student is invited to attend the meeting
  • K-12 Send parent update letter with teacher at end of meeting (K-6), mailed 7-12.
  • By Friday, SBIT gives teacher parent invite letter to third meeting (K-6), mailed 7-12.

Step 4: Follow up meeting # 3

  • One week before the meeting, building Secretary calls parents to remind them of the meeting (*Only where parent invite is indicated on the agenda).
  • If no parent attends the third meeting, send the update letter (K-6) or mail 7-12.