Elementary SBIT (School Based Intervention Team)

Each school building has a School-Based Intervention Team (SBIT). The purpose of this team is to ensure that a child’s academic, behavioral, attendance and/or health needs are being met in school, so s/he has a successful school experience. The team is made up of various teachers and staff. This may include the building principal, school counselor, school psychologist, a special education teacher, regular education teachers, a speech therapist, an academic intervention services provider, and school nurse.

The SBIT Team meets to review the child’s progress. In addition to the current supports a child receives, the team may recommend additional supports/interventions to assist the child in making progress.

SBIT is a general education service. SBIT is not a special education service.

Teachers who would like suggestions from the SBIT team regarding classroom interventions, data collection, progress monitoring, etc., should contact the SBIT PLC facilitator to schedule an SBIT PLC meeting:

  • Elementary SBIT Facilitator 2019-20: Julie Umar

SBIT Forms for Elementary Educators:

Employees, please log into Google using your school email address to access the following forms: