Sixth Grade Supplies 2022-2023

We are happy to take a moment to welcome you to the 2022-2023 sixth grade class.  Our goal is to share knowledge and experience, while having fun.  There are just a few things that will be needed in order to carry out our work.  If you have any trouble getting supplies, please contact the school’s main office.

6th Grade Supply List


  • 1 plastic pocket folders with prongs (blue)
  • 1 composition notebook
  • ear-buds or basic headphones


  • 1 plastic pocket folder (yellow)
  • Texas Instrument calculator (TI-30XIIS)


  • 1 single subject notebook (green)
  • 1 plastic pocket folder (green)

Social Studies

  • 1 single subject notebook (red)
  • 1 plastic pocket folder (red)


  • plastic pocket folder (orange)


  • Reusable water bottle (with name on it)
  • 1 container of disinfecting wipes  (boys)
  • 1 box of tissues (girls)
  • Pencil zipper pouch or pencil box
  • 2 boxes of Ticonderoga pencils (no mechanical, please)
  • Expo markers (fine tip)
  • 1 pair of children’s scissors
  • 1 box of colored pencils (12 count)
  • 1 large glue stick
  • 1 package of cap erasers

We’re confident we will have a great year!
Sincerely, your Team 6 teachers.
Mrs. Cross, Mrs. Hartlieb, Mrs. Holt, Mr. McCullough,
Mrs. Peck, Mrs. Rau, and Mrs. Swartwout