Senior Athletes Recognized at Dinner

Senior Athletes group photoThe June 4th Senior Athletes Banquet held at the Winner’s Circle in Fonda was well attended, with more than 105 students and community members taking part in the evening. JHS Class of 2013 graduates Lexi Swatt and Jeremy Mowrey were the key note speakers.

Students athletes in attendance included Julia Sarullo, Jacob Miller, Samuel Miller, Alex VanDeusen, Benjamin Lake, Abby Crouse, Benjamin Poitras, Matthew Salamack, Zachary Pedersen, Jeffery Salatel, Peter VanDenburgh, Trevor Porter, David Malagisis, Emily Miles, Ethan Hadcoack, Zachary Dunnkosky, Tyler Bump, Tanner Fahr, Jarred Brown, Kerry Blackwood, Hunter Meher, Tyler Benton, Jordan Snell, Alex Thiessen, Andrew Sitterly, Christian Solby, Zachary Ropeter, Ryan Crooker, Adam Wilson, Madison Collins, Josie Mowrey, George James, Thomas Lizio, Emma Rizzo, Dominic DiScioscia, Abbie Levin, Emily Clizbe, Paige Stewart, Alison Trajlinek, Tara Kilmartin, Nicholas Stillwell, Cristopher Best, Garrett WayGabe Cole, and Sara Stortecky.

The following Triple “J” Club Members were recognized for participating in three seasons during their senior year:

Tyler Bump, Gabe Cole, Abby Crouse, Dominic DiScioscia, Tanner Fahr, Ethan Hadcock, Benjamin Lake, Jacob Miller, Zachary Pederson, Abigail Levin, Samuel Miller, Benjamin Poitras, Zachary Maxson, Trevor Porter, Andrew Sitterly, Alex Thiessen, Lauryn Wilson, Sara Stortecky, Zachary Ropeter, Matthew Salamack, Julia Sarullo, Paige Stewart, Adam Wilson.

Many thanks to the Purple & Gold Club for all they do for our athletic programs and our student athletes. We wish the entire senior class the best of luck as they head out into the world!

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