PTECH Students Bring Paleozoic Stories to Glebe

Area ninth graders enrolled in the HFM BOCES Regional PTECH program at Jansen Avenue have been studying the geologic history of NYS in Earth science and story writing in ELA.

As part of their studies, they worked with teacher Mrs. Dickenson, who created a cross-curricular project that challenged them to research life during the Paleozoic period and then write a short children’s book using the characters present during that time frame. The Paleozoic era was chosen because, while most kids know all about the Mesozoic and dinosaurs, it was felt that the Paleozoic was an under-represented time period in children’s literature.

On March 26 the PTECH students presented their stories to second grade classes at Glebe Street Elementary School. They enjoyed the opportunity to share and work with the Glebe students, who were delighted to have them visit!