Pleasant Avenue Elementary

Accelerated Reader 2017-18

two cartoon superheros flying with word Pow! beneath and words AR Super Readers! above

Parents and children can follow these
five simple steps
to help our students become
Super Readers!!!

  1. Read an Accelerated Reader (AR) book to your child at home. To make sure that a book is an Accelerated Reader book, visit AR books are available from our school library, the Johnstown Public Library, and in our classrooms
  2. After reading the book with your child, fill out an AR slip with the book title, the author, and your child’s name.
  3. Send the slip to school in your child’s folder.
  4. At school, your child will take the AR test for that book. Each test they successfully complete earns them points.
  5. Each month, your child can earn prizes based on the number of points they have earned!

The more your child reads, and the more tests they pass,
the more prizes your child will earn!

words "Reading is my SUPERPOWER" multi-colored

Super Reader Mondays will be the first Monday of the Month.
Please send your child in superhero clothing the first Monday of every month!

AR Superhero Prizes:

  • Pass your first AR test and receive a superhero sticker and a lanyard. The lanyard is kind of like a necklace. We will keep the lanyard here at school until the end of the year. That’s because when you reach each level, you will earn a little book charm to put on your lanyard. You can earn SEVEN charms if you reach the top level!
  • When you pass a few more AR tests and reach two points, you will earn a colorful book charm to add to your lanyard, and a superhero stamper that prints things like “pow,” “super,” and “bam.”
  • Reach four points and you will earn a second colorful charm for your lanyard, and a superhero bookmark to use while you read more AR books.
  • Keep passing AR tests and reach seven points and you will earn a third charm to put on your lanyard, and a cool superhero eraser.
  • Pass even more tests and reach 10 points and you will earn a fourth charm for your lanyard, and a superhero notepad to write all kinds of things in.
  • Reach 14 points and you will earn a fifth charm, and a superhero clip key chain that you can put on your book bag to show everyone what a super reader you are!
  • At 18 points you will get the sixth charm for your lanyard and, something that every superhero needs – a superhero mask!
  • Pass enough AR tests to reach our top level of 23 points and you will earn your last charm (lucky number seven!) and an awesome superhero cape! You could also get to have snacks with someone special!

If everyone works hard, reads books, takes tests and earns enough points for the
whole school, we will have an AR Carnival at the end of the school year!

Let’s make reading our superpower!