Pick A Reading Partner – 2019

three carton children reading books

Pick a Reading Partner – 2019
March 4th-22nd

Student Directions

  • You have been given a PARP reading BINGO board.  You will only receive ONE copy. Place it in the front pocket of your purple folder.
  • After you complete each activity, have a parent or adult sign the box you completed.
  • There are some sections we will complete in school such as DEAR, attend the assembly on 3/1, read with a buddy, and participate in  the book swap on March 14th.
  • There are some activities that occur during the evening at Glebe Street (AR Night and Story and a Slice) – your teacher and/or principal will sign your board for these events.
  • On March 22nd- turn in your boards for special prizes/incentives!


If you get BINGO with two lines, you will earn a certificate!

If you get BINGO with three lines, you will earn a certificate and Seuss themed stickers.

If you get BINGO with 4 or 5 lines you will earn a certificate, stickers,
and be invited to a meet and greet with Ross, the therapy dog.