Odyssey Teams Advancing to States

Two of Johnstown’s Odyssey of the Mind teams are advancing to State competition in their first year! The State Tournament will take place at Binghamton University on April 2, 2016.

team with Champions Banner

Warren Street Energetic Engineers

During the Region 21 competition in Canajoharie on March 12, Johnstown’s Energetic Engineers team from Warren Street took first place in the No-Cycle Recycle Division I category. The problem, to be completed in an eight minute time limit, was for the team to “build, ride on, and drive a no-cycle, recycling vehicle.” The vehicle had to pick-up discarded items, adapt them in some way, and then deliver them to places to be re-used. The method of propulsion could not be pedaling and had to include an assistant worker in addition to the driver. They also needed to make an unplanned stop along the way to perform a random act of kindness.

A second Warren Street team, Mrs. Beck’s sixth graders, also took on the No-cycle Recycle problem, but in the Division II category. They had no competition, giving them the opportunity to advance to the State Tournament by default.

sixth graders pose with region 21 champion banner

Mrs. Beck’s Sixth Graders

Our Knox Junior High team placed third in Fins, Furs, Feathers & Friends Division II. In that category, the team had to create and present a humorous performance depicting problem solving from the perspective of three different animals. The animals had to help a stranger, help each other, and solve a problem that threatens the survival of all animals. During their performance the animals had to sing and dance, showing curiosity, sympathy, frustration and joy. The eight minute skit was written and created solely by the students.

Knox student dress rehearsal

The Knox Team

This is Johnstown’s first year of Odyssey of the Mind competition. Sign-ups were posted in November 2015 and six teams were assembled (five from Warren Street and one from Knox). Our students have done an amazing job in just a few months time! The program is coordinated by fourth grade teacher Mrs. Kristin Meashaw, with volunteer assistance from parents and staff. A huge thank you Mrs. Meashaw and her helpers for their time and support! Congratulations and good luck to our teams!


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