Odyssey Team Preparing for Competition

Johnstown’s Odyssey of the Mind teams are working hard to get ready for competition.  On February 4 they participated in a practice Spontaneous Night at Warren Street School.  The six teams traveled to different classrooms practicing skills they will need to “think on their feet.”  During this part of the competition, teams do not know what they will be asked to do until they walk into the room.  Tasks can be a variety of hands-on or verbal problems, but most require team work and creativity.

Many guest judges came from the Broadalbin-Perth’s Odyssey program to share their knowledge at Spontaneous Night.  Warren Street teachers and parents also pitched in to help.  Thank you to all those who participated!

Over the next month, teams will continue to practice gearing up for the big day.  They will perform their long term problem, an eight minute skit written and created solely by the students, at a dress rehearsal on March 9 in the Warren Street gym. Regional Competition will then be held at Canajoharie Elementary/Middle School on March 12.

Our Knox and Warren students are very excited for Johnstown’s first year of competition.  If you would like to come out to support our students in grades 4-7, or learn more about the program, please join us at Canajoharie on Saturday, March 12.  The free event runs from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.  Please check back here for a more specific schedule, which is usually released the week before the competition.

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