Odyssey of the Mind Regional Competition

students practicing in Warren gymOdyssey of the Mind is approaching its regional competition this Saturday, March 10, at the Fonda-Fultonville School District! Community members are welcome to come out and support our teams on Saturday; the event is free and runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The schedule for our Johnstown teams is listed below.

Our 14 Johnstown teams (representing Glebe, Warren, and Knox) have been working very hard since the fall to prepare for this big event. We have more teams than any other school in our region, even though this is only our third official year with the program.

The part that spectators can enjoy is the long-term problem. Teams of up to seven students are given an extremely detailed problem to solve over a four to five month period. The students must use creativity and teamwork to orchestrate every part of the solution, also known as their skit. Students create the characters, props, scenery, story line, costumes, and in some cases even a balsa wood structure or drivable vehicle. The second part of the competition is where teams are given a spontaneous hands-on or verbal problem to solve on the spot, demonstrating how they think on their feet and work as a team.

There will be over 60 teams performing throughout the day. Each performance lasts about 10 minutes and will be found at various locations through out the Fonda-Fultonville School. You can spend the whole day, or come and go as you please.  This is a great opportunity to see what the program is all about and support our students.

Johnstown teams will also be holding dress rehearsals from 5 – 7 p.m. on March 6 & 8 at the Knox gym. These are also open to the public, but will be less formal as we are still practicing.

Special thanks to the parents and teachers who have been volunteering as coaches.  We also have a group of administrators, teachers, retirees, BOE members and parents who are serving as judges on Saturday.  We couldn’t provide this program in the Johnstown School District without the help of these volunteers!

Team Problem Division Long Term Time Long Term Location
Rathbun/Nellis – Warren 4 – Balsa Animal House I 9:00 AM Elementary Gym
VonderHeide/Frasier – Glebe 4 – Balsa Animal House 1 9:40 AM Elementary Gym
Kortz Ringer – Warren 4 – Balsa Animal House II 10:00 AM Elementary Gym
Kohout/Russo – Warren 3 – Classics… Mockumentary I 10:20 AM Middle School Choral Room
Maxson/Mass – Knox 5 – Stellar Hangout II 10:40 AM High School Auditorium
Laird/Rising – Warren 2 – Emoji I 11:00 AM High School Gym
Naselli/Downing – Warren 5 – Stellar Hangout I 11:20 AM Middle School Multi-Purpose Room
Elston – Knox 2 – Emoji II 12:00 PM High School Gym
Morse – Knox 3 – Classics…Mockumentary II 12:20 PM Middle School Choral Room
Vandewalker/Ellsworth – Warren 1 – Triathlon I 1:00 PM Elementary Gym
Russo/Leach – Glebe 5 – Stellar Hangout I 1:40 PM Middle School Multi-Purpose Room
Chittenden – Warren 1 – Triathlon II 2:20 PM Elementary Gym
Naselli/Hutchison – Knox 1 – Triathlon II 3:00 PM Elementary Gym
Wing – GLebe We’re Cooking Now Primary 3:20 PM Elementary Cafeteria