Message from the Principal

September 12, 2019

Hello Knox Parents & Guardians,

Happy Fall, we are off to a great start! As we move through the school year it is very important that we attempt to keep our students focused. Attendance and the completion of assignments become key to their success. Please stay on top of your son or daughter and take an active interest in what is happening in school.

Students will be participating in i-Ready testing which will create customized reports on student performance and progress throughout the year. Students take i-Ready Diagnostics for Math and ELA and will receive differentiated online instruction according to their ability.  Please know that students will not be graded on these tests, but it allows us to monitor their progress and see what areas may need work.  The data collected from these tests will be used as a tool for our teachers throughout the year.  The i-Ready tests will take place next week on Tuesday (September 17th) and Thursday (September 19th). As any other school day, be sure your son or daughter gets a good night’s  rest and a healthy breakfast to start their day.

We look forward to continuing the great school year!

Robert C. Kraemer