Long Range Planning Committee January Update

The newly formed Long Range Planning Committee got off to a quick start at its very first meeting on January 14, diving headlong into the district’s enrollment history and future projections.

Gathered in the Johnstown High School Media Center, the group made introductions and reviewed the purpose of the committee, then went straight to work. By graphing past enrollment history and live birth information to estimate kindergarten enrollment through 2026, a continued gradual decline was evidenced. Additional information shared with members showed that New York State’s population is declining overall, with most upstate school districts losing students.

The committee also learned that the median age of Fulton County residents continues to rise, with an increasing senior citizen population, while typical childbearing age groups have leveled off. Finally, they reviewed the population of non-resident students attending school in Johnstown, which is largely comprised of tuitioned students from Wheelerville, Piseco and Lake Pleasant, together with a handful of employees’ children.

The takeaway from the meeting was that, based on projections, Fulton County will likely continue to lose population and the district will likely continue to see enrollments drop.

The next meeting of the Long Range Planning Committee will take place at 6:30 p.m. on February 25 in the Pleasant Avenue Library and will include an overview of the district’s instructional program. Anyone who is interested may attend and observe the meeting.

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