Letter to Families April 14, 2020

Dear Families,

This week we had intended to be on spring break, however we are proceeding with our efforts towards continued learning during these times of school closure. Our transition to remote learning is completing, and teachers are preparing to close out grades for the third quarter. Students in grades 7 -12 should be using this week to check in with their teachers to complete all makeup work and submit it by 2:30 PM on April 20.

Grades for the third quarter will be calculated using all tests, quizzes and assignments through our first day of school closure (March 13). Report cards will be posted in the Parent Portal for Grades 1-12 and made available for Kindergarten on May 1.

Students’ work and online learning during school closure will be used in determining fourth quarter and final grades. We will not use numeric grades, but will instead apply the following in Grades 3-12:

  • Exceeds Mastery
  • Mastery of the Learning Standards
  • Meets the Learning Standards
  • Partially Meets the Learning Standards

June Regents Exams and all Local Final Exams have been cancelled.

Kindergarten will use its standards-based reporting and Grades 1-6 will use the S, N, U rating scale for fourth quarter grades.

These unprecedented societal conditions call for flexibility in our instruction, assessment and evaluation practices. The above plan was created as a result of the collaboration of teacher leaders and administrators devoted to providing a fair and equitable grading process for the students of the Greater Johnstown School District. Questions can be directed to any principal.

Please continue to follow the recommended best practices for staying healthy.

Stay well.

Dr. Karen Geelan
Interim Superintendent of Schools